Chapter 10 What the future holds

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My life having changed so much this last few months, lost one of my kids to death, one incarcerated, one now living in France and the seven others making me feel like my job has merit as they start the new school year and have a new outlook on the world. Dean called checking on me and I laughed calling him a nagging brother type personality as he laughed with me agreeing he likes me seeing him as a brother. Dean and I have gotten real close this summer and I felt good knowing I had someone who understands me as well as I understand him. Could we have been a couple, maybe but we both know where my hearts belongs, even if Dean wanted more he understood and was happy just to be apart of my life, making me happy to know I had him in my life.

Nolan and I have a good routine going now, he would get up and make us both breakfast, he slept over six of the seven week days, the one night he'd go to his place was to just give me alone time because we both still had a fierce independent streak in us. All this week at work I finally closed all my files on the kids, Jasper, Ava and Diana were all well adjusted to their new homes, even happier now with the new friends and people in their lives. Sam and his fiance have set a wedding date and plan on getting married at the winery up north where they first met, he asks me every day if Nolan has proposed yet and we both chuckle when I tell him no every time.

Being Friday I like leaving early for the day and as I was gathering my things to take my lunch Sam buzzed me that I had a lady asking to see me so I told him to escort her in while I leaned back in my chair wondering who since I had no appointments today. I was surprised to see Nolan's mom standing there with a big happy smile as Sam nodded to me with a wink and I asked “ Nice to see you Mrs. Diego but what do I owe this visit ?” She smiled answering “ What, can't I just drop in and see my favorite young woman to lunch because I was in town this weekend?” I chuckled nodding as I replied “ Sure you can anytime just kinda a rare thing, but happy to go to lunch with you.”

Peggy and Tom, Nolan's parents have always been like family, close to my parents when we grew up so seeing her wasn't unusual just her coming to my work seemed odd. I told Sam I was done for the day and would see him on Monday, Sam smiled and we both said bye then Peggy told me I was riding with her and lunch was her treat, I knew not to argue with her because it's always a losing battle for me. Jett and I followed her down the the foyer and out the front doors then got in her chauffeured limo, yes they had money but what I liked is Nolan's parent didn't flaunt it like many do that are rich. We chatted about our week, how her husband was doing on his projects and then she asked how Nolan and I were getting along, as I smirked feeling like she was pumping me for some missing puzzle piece. I raised an eyebrow when the car stopped in front of the park, not just any park but Nolan and my park and she turned giggling “ So I was asked by my son to bring you here for lunch, it seems he has this grand plan for the rest of the day, so have a great day honey and see you both tonight for dinner.”

I paused to answer but she shooed me out the door as the driver held it open then she drove away leaving me stunned as to what the hell was going on. I turned hearing Nolan's voice as he said “Gotta love that woman, she is prompt and loves being a part of surprise, so this way please.” I watched a flicker of mischievous in Nolan's eyes as he led me towards our spot and saw a picnic basket laid out on a checkered cloth under the tree. Nolan handed Jett a steak bone then waved for me to sit down as he sat next to me and pulled out two glasses and a bottle of white wine, I smirked asking “ Any if I had to go back to work Captain?” He laughed softly saying “ I know you take half days on Fridays Lex and since I'm you ride you have to go where I go true?” I tilted my head laughing softly with a nod as he leaned over kissing my lip briskly. After we both had our glass he raised his saying “ To us and many amazing days and nights together as we both enjoy your life together.” I wiggled my eye brows as he chuckled and clinked the glasses then he set out some cheese, meat slices, grapes and small turnovers on the cloth. Nolan mentioned he has taken the rest of today off and I smiled as he and I just gazed into each others eyes getting so lost in the emotions flowing between us. Nolan placed everything back in the basket as I sat there very content, happy as I watched Jett romping with the smaller kids in the park. I felt a shadow over me when I looked up Nolan was in front of me standing and he ran a hand through his hair before he released a deep breath then knelt on one knee and pulled a ring box from his uniform pocket.

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