Chapter 1 The past reawakens

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As I sat here waiting, I finished my coffee then placed all the files I needed for today in one stack. Seeing four teens before lunch makes a quick morning even go by faster then normal. Lola walked in my office popping her gum as I turned around facing her and motioned for her to sit down while she just smirked at me. She took a seat in front of my desk saying “ Well Ms. Quincy, can't say it's nice to see you again for sure.” I turned my back on her answering “ Yep same here Lola, figured you had gained some brain cells in the last two years.” She chuckled when I turned then leaned the trash can towards her as she sighed, throwing the gum in the trash frowning at me and shrugged replying “ Hey a girl has to do what makes her happy right?” I kept a straight face sitting down looking at her file then glanced up answering “ So, getting arrested selling coke, running with Las Lobos gang and becoming a teen prostitute makes you happy huh?” She shrugged and said” You know about my past ma'am, you also know how things go around here, Joey swore we would leave the Lobos and move, hey whatever, that didn't happen so here I am.”

I sighed with a nod then told her now what she has to do to stay out of juvie while she moaned, whined and got pissed saying “ You're freaking kidding right, no way will I do community service at the orphanage.” I stood up handing her a piss cup, walked to my door and opened it telling the female officer to go with Lola to the bathroom, then turned to Lola stating ” Fine no community service, this officer will take you straight from here to juvie and you can live there for the next two years when you turn 18, I gave you all the chances the law allows, you made your bed, now you can lay in it Lola.” I moved back nodding to Lola as she stood, looked at the cup cussing under her breath then looked eye to eye with me as I saw her tears in her eyes whispering “ Please Ms. Quincy, I can't go to juvie, please I beg you.”

I nodded to the door sternly saying “ Let's wait for the test results Lola, my deal is, you pass the piss tests, stay clean, do community service, see me weekly, I will keep you out of juvie, but screw me over once on any of these, you will be there so fast you won't have time to lick your lips, got me?” She nodded to me with a soft smile then headed for the bathroom with the officer following close behind her. I told Sam, my cute male secretary, yep I'm an equal opportunity boss, that Lola should be handing him her piss cup, and he needed to give her the paperwork for her community service,then he could buzz me when my next kid showed up. Sam smiled nodding then winked at me saying “ Sure thing boss, oh yes and you have a meeting with the chief at 2pm today at the academy.” I smirked saying thanks to him then walked in closing my office door. I grabbed a sip of my coffee, placed Lola's file in my weekly case rack then scanned over the next kid's file for this morning.

With ten kids, I normally see two each day, go to court with them when needed and do home checks on them, my days slip by quickly and when I have time I go to the academy for shooting practice. My 10 o'clock teen was a new case for the courts, his name is Brad, 12 years old and now has auto theft on his record, really it's only joy riding, resisting arrest, and all the bull that the courts can pin on him for no license etc. So Sam buzzed me at ten saying Brad and his mother was here as I stood and opened my door and walked up to them both. Brad looked scared, his mother had an annoying frown on her face as I introduced myself and escorted them into my office. As they both sat down so did I and I looked over his file, cleared my throat and softly smiled asking Brad “ So young man, want to tell me how you got here in your own words?” Brad looked up to me as he fidgeted in his seat his mom gruffly said “ My son is a good boy miss, his friends just left him alone to take the blame is all, right Bradley?”

I nodded saying “ Ma'am I asked Brad, not you, so please let me do my job in helping him here, let him tell me his side or I will have you removed from my office.” I held her stare firmly smiling as I saw Brad smirk out of the corner of my eye, while his mother huffed and leaned back in the chair I turned nodding to Brad saying “ Okay Brad go on.” Brad sat tall and looked at me explained how he and a buddy found the keys in the car, took it for a very short drive and how his ex friend bailed when the car stopped. I smirked when he did, then said “ Thank you for complete honesty Brad, now this is how it will go, since this is your first offense and the court was easy on you this time due to your age I am sure.” I explained to him while his mother just huffed at everything I said, how he would see me once a week, he had to stay away from the friend that was involved and he also had to help the gentleman on the weekends whose car he took. Brad quickly nodded agreeing as his mom growled” I will not allow my son to help that man, he is nothing but trouble in our neighborhood, he doesn't belong there.” I had to hold my temper with her snobbish attitude while I walked around my desk, Brad noticed my holster before I moved my jacket to cover it and winked at him.

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