Chapter 15 A few months of only minor drama

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As Max and I started getting a regular routine each day, he would be up with coffee on , dressed for school and let Jett outside  each morning before I came down showered and dressed for work. Max took lessons with Nick  a few evenings after school of course each Saturday and Sunday was always planned for lessons. As Max got better I asked Nick to steer me  in the right direction for a long board for Max and he chuckled giving me a friend's name who happened to be selling one. I did buy Max a wetsuit since the months are still cooler also a rash guard shirt for when it warmed up. Nolan came and stayed over at least three times each week, he and Max have just male bonding time,  just them  doing something or going wherever once a week.Max was liking school and has finally made a few male friends who he hangs with after school at the skateboard  park when he isn't surfing. One named Cayden also surfs and is a Junior so they hang around more and have become best friends. Cayden now spending as much time at our place as he does at his own home and I tease him every time he sticks around for dinner. Tonight I chuckled when they both came down after finishing homework saying “ Cayden maybe I should start billing your parents for your upkeep.” Max  chuckled as Cayden blushed smiling at me and I patted his shoulder as we all sat down for dinner.  I just listened as they talked about the Sadie Hawkins dance coming up in  two weeks and Cayden teasing Max saying “ Dude you know Zoey is going to ask you tomorrow right?”

Max exhaled shrugging as he said  “Nope didn't know that, she's cute and all  alright but  just not sure I can live up to her  standards being she just dumped  Danny last week.” I tilted my head as Max sighed “ He's the quarterback mom,  rumors going around she found him one night at the beach making out with some other girl.” I exhaled  replying “ If you like her then go son, just watch your back, jocks probably still tend to think they rule the school and always seem to think their ex girlfriends shouldn't date others even the players of the team use to think that way.” Cayden nodded saying “ They still do Ms. Quincy, that part hasn't changed and probably never will, it's like an unwritten law or something.” We all chuckled  then Max and Cayden cleared the table while I started rinsing dishes, they went back to his room to get Cayden's things so he could head home.  I nodded smiling as Cayden grabbed his skateboard and headed out the door while he thanked me for dinner, Max smiled saying he'd see him in school tomorrow and closed the door. Now you can get out the gate because we  can buzz people in or out, so Max watched until Cayden was there  then buzzed it opened and made sure it closed. He turned facing me as I raised an eyebrow and he laughed “ Yes mom there is a girl okay, let's just see if it goes anywhere before you tell dad and I get the whole guy lecture and talk.” We both laughed as I nodded to him then he kissed my cheek hugging me before he went up to shower and call it a  night, one more day this week for school and he was looking forward to down time relaxing this weekend. Max makes sure his grades stay up and he seems to strive to prove something, I'm not sure if for all I have done for him or for his own benefit but it still is good to see him enjoying life like a teenager should having fun instead of dealing with adult issues.

 Waking up glad it's Friday because my week was more hectic than it should have been. True I deal with the teenage kids and only had three right now but I also oversee the other officers on the floor so I deal with their adult cases when an extra hand is needed.  I showered and put on my black dress pants with the gold cold shoulder blouse being “casual Friday”, adding the normal things, badge, wallet inside my Fairfax high jacket pocket, holster strapped to my pants on my back and my suede biker boots. I   let my flow naturally then went down to have my normal morning time with Max and smiled as he handed me the mug of coffee saying “ So plan the same, you coming to pick me up at school for dinner and a movie?” I smiled nodding “ Unless you have other plans  and you want to postpone for tomorrow.” Max shook his head no replying “ Nope mom, this is our weekly thing and I  like our  Friday date time.” We both chuckled  because the first time Max mentioned to Nolan I had a date one Friday , Nolan about lost it until Max explained it was him and me going out.

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