Chapter 2 Weekend certification time

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Waking up at 6 am for this weekend certification test for my full credentials had me very exited as I realized I can finally finish my dream to be a peace officer if I wanted and would also have full police powers to add to my resume. I dressed in a casual shirt with my back holster under my leather jacket and my black jeans, putting on my nikes, brushing my hair then grabbed my wallet, badge and headed out locking the front door and going through the front gates towards the police academy. I pulled into the parking lot, locking my car and folded some new officer recruits to the security gate showing my Id and badge as the officer smiled buzzing me in. I stopped at the front main desk getting directions to the firing range and asked where I might the instructor for my certification being told that I would meet up with him at thee gun range. I smiled thanking the young man at the desk then turned going back out then turned right for the gun range hearing a few whistles and a voice saying “ Now that's a nice asset at the academy.” I smirked as I just kept walking then enter the door for the enclosed target shooting area.

After explaining to the officer why I was here he smiled pointing and said “ Last one on the end, you instructor is waiting ma'am.” I nodded thanking him as I walked down past the first four partitions then stopped sighing as I noticed Nolan leaning against the wall and he heard my steps saying “ Well good that you are on time.” when he turn realizing it was me and I said “ No way, not you, not happening, hell no.” I turned around to walk away as he gently grabbed my arm saying “ Come on Quincy, I will be fair and honest, this is your last cert to pass, I didn't know it was you I swear.” I shook his hand off my arm growling “ Damn talk about luck of the draw, god if I didn't need this last cert do bad Diego I'd leave now.” Nolan nodded asking” So going for the full credentials, nice after this you will have a free pass in any law agency even FBI if that's what you want, so good luck.” I nodded as he started off the testing that he had to follow a list on the papers on the clipboard in his hands.

First up pistols precession shooting, then we would do rifles on the outside range, then the final is endurance and stamina on their obstacle course. I have passed all the other tests already, these were the last three for me. I took off my leather jacket as he leaned back watching my every movement while I unclasped my holster, checked my 9mm then put on the safety, then the earphones and waited. He raised an eyebrow saying “Whenever you are ready” so I nodded to the other set then looked at him as he smirked then put them on and nodded to me. I turned facing the paper target as his pulled the cord making it go clear to the back as I chuckled. Nolan stood on my right side as I turned my body and got in my shooting position. After I got my gun aimed he leaned over and blew on my neck as I turned he said “ You have to be able to concentrate no matter what is around, this is part of the test Quincy.” I growled back “ Fine even though I doubt in real life it would happen.” I positioned again and just as I gently squeezed the trigger he blew on my neck again as I smirked emptying the full clip.

I released the clip and reloaded it as he pulled the paper target back up to us, I smiled as it came close enough I saw where my shots hit it. Nolan let out a low whistle saying “ Very nice Quincy, good placement with all kill shots.” I smirked since he was actually impressed then I put the safety on my 9mm, holstered it as he told me it was now time for the rifle shooting test. I grabbed my leather jacket as he smiled nodding so I went in front of him as we both headed out the door, he was writing on the papers on his clipboard.

Nolan and I walked to the rifle range then he spoke with the officer and was handed one of the rifles from the locked cabinet, with a box of shells. Nolan turned back smiling and nodded so I followed him to a spot that was open seeing the targets already set up off in the distance. Nolan smirked saying “ Now let's see how you do here, One target has to be in a kneeling position, one laying down and one full standing Quincy.” I took my jacket and set it off to the side as he handed my the rifle and box of shells asking “ Cool so how many shots per position sir?” He winced hearing sir and said “ Six, please not sir okay, I can deal with Diego or Captain, Alexia.” I nodded answering “ Okay then no first names, as we keep this on a professional level Captain.” Nolan frowned but agreed as he nodded to me while I loaded the rifle and asked “ Matter which one first?”

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