Chapter 6 Typical days ending with romance

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Jett barked at me as my alarm buzzed and I chuckled turning it off when he wagged his tail and laid back down on the rug by my bed. I showered and put on my white dress shirt, strapping my holster on then put on my light blue pants suit jacket and pants, adding gold jewelry, then picked up my bag as we walked downstairs, I let Jett out the front door. I fixed a bagel with cream cheese, a glass of juice and added water to Jett's dish. He came back in eating some food then water as I pondered if I should take him with me or leave him here so I asked him as he barked to going with me. I chuckled as I picked up my briefcase and we both headed out to the car after locking the door, he climbed in the passenger side as I started the car and pulled out the gate to the street.

When I got closer to my building I noticed all the demonstration signs and people wandering around the park a block from my building. I parked in my spot as Jett followed me out then we walked in the building, I smirked when the security officer raised his brow seeing Jett staying on my right side. After getting off the elevator Sam turned tilting is head when I said “New friend found me last night, guess he has a need to be my guard dog now.” Sam chuckled and leaned down petting Jett as I scanned all my messages he had piled on the counter. When I turned for my office Jett followed me in and the officer at my door smirked telling me he seems to be attached to me as I nodded with a smile then closed my door, setting down my stuff and put my bag in the drawer while Jett laid down in the corner by my desk window.

Brad and Jasper should make an appearance today, I have a few files I need to get caught up on and the rest of the day was unplanned so far. I did have a message from the Sarge at Nolan's precinct about Edgar asking me to stop down there since the poor kid now has no family so I am being requested to figure this out for him and sign the final papers for the halfway house he now lives in. Sam knocked once then opened the door as Jett growled he shrugged placing a small bowl of water in the corner, turned and chuckled to me as I smirked then he left closing the door.

I rubbed Jett's head telling him it was okay as he sniffed the water then lapped some up before he laid back down in the corner. Around ten Sam buzzed me saying Brad was here, so I got up from my chair, Jett stood and as I walked he stayed by my side when I opened my office door. Brad smiled nodding as I smiled back then he said “Nice dog Ms. Quincy, he yours?” I chuckled as he knelt down and Jett wagged his tail while Brad mauled him saying “If he wants to be Brad, I'm leaving that up to him, his name is Jett.” I smiled knowing that Jett definitely knows who to trust and most kids are worthy in my opinion. Brad stood up and walked into my office, Jett followed him and we chuckled as I shrugged to Sam and the officer.

Brad told me his community service was fun, his parents still don't like it though but they take him every day like court ordered. I smiled adding the notes to his jacket then asked “So staying away from your friend right, and out of trouble so far?” He laughed as he said “Yes ma'am, he actually is sitting in juvie as we speak, he did it again, this time his parents let the courts deal with him.” I nodded and he rubbed on Jett's head as we talked about his home life, normal things then I said “Proud of you Brad, stay tough, do your service, I know you're a good kid okay.” He smiled as we stood and shook hands he said “I like him, he will protect you ma'am.” I chuckled as I nodded and then he turned saying bye as he left my office closing the door.

I made notes in Brad's file then set it back in the rack, pulled out Jasper's file hoping he would be as easy today with no drama in his life. There was a knock on my door, then Jasper smiled as he opened the door saying “Morning Ms. Quincy.” I smiled nodded as he stepped in and Jett raised his head when Jasper chuckled. He took a seat as I asked him how things were going at the home, he told me good and he has interest in one of the girls at the home. After we talked for a bit I handed him a cup and he smirked with a nod standing, then rubbed Jett's head and went out my door as I chuckled after him. Sam buzzed me saying Jasper passed the test and set up his next week's time slot, so I told Sam thank you. I made the final notes in Jasper's file then placed his jacket back in my rack and leaned back in the chair. Jett laid his head in my lap as I said” Well time for lunch boy, you ready to get out of here?” he wagged his tail with a bark and I chuckled. I grabbed my bag and book from the drawer then went out locking my door, the officer at the door nodded as I smiled then told Sam I was going for lunch and he replied “Sure thing boss, any specific requests?” I smirked saying “No one is to know where I'm headed today, I think I will go to Canter's Deli today.” Sam nodded as the officer chuckled and I smiled as Jett and I headed for the elevator.

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