Chapter 7 Doubts from the Past

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We made love a few times and with me not having been with anyone in four years, Nolan made sure all my desires got taken care of with each session. He smiled at me since I was worn out when he got up to let Jett back in then he set the alarm so we could have breakfast and start our next day better than today. He kept asking me to forgiveness since Saturday was shot down with his actions, so we only had Sunday left of the weekend. As we snuggled together I kissed his chest whispering “Just as long as you have learned to trust me handsome, I forgive you.” Nolan smiled as he ran his fingers in my hair answering “I did sexy, won't ever doubt you honesty again swear it.” I smiled and we both said goodnight as we fell asleep warm sated and happy.

Sunday am the alarm went off, Jett barked making Nolan shoot out of the bed as I laid there laughing at his face, he turned then pointed a finger as I laughed more saying “He always does that Nolan, makes sure you start the day, I think it's cute.” Nolan chuckled while putting on his boxers as I just drooled over his body, nice back view, he turned smirking then bent down kissing my lips softly saying “You better get up beautiful, breakfast will be knocking on the door in ten minutes.” I groaned, Jett barked again, so I got up letting him out the patio door and put on a t shirt and some shorts, went to the bathroom washing my face and brushed my hair into a ponytail just as Nolan told me breakfast was served. I let Jett back in, filled his bowls with food and water as Nolan eyed me and I smiled patting his chest when he kissed my forehead handing me a coffee. I sat at the dining room table as we both started eating the delicious breakfast and talked about what to do for our last day away from home and work. Nolan agreed that we should just head to Big Sur, stroll the shops, as I mention I wanted to see more of the ocean and window shop the boutiques there After we cleaned up, and changed for our outing, Nolan, Jett and I got in his car heading fore Big Sur and some quality bonding time.

He was very attentive, never complained at doing anything I asked the whole day, we both had smiles on our faces, Jett by my side on his leash allowing the smaller kids who walked by to pet his head. I have to admit it felt right, my hand in Nolan's as he showed me the old side of his personality, the romantic side I had missed so much. When a few times a girl would flirt with Nolan, I would just watch his actions, see him raising an eyebrow as I turned away from the scene, acting like I hadn't seen the flirting but listened each time, when he would politely decline their advances telling them I was his girlfriend and he was very happy. It gave me a warm feeling to hear this, making my walls crumble a little more around my heart, even more after each time he came behind me pulling me against his chest as he nuzzled my neck and kissed it with the softest kisses making me moan softly while I smiled stroking his warm strong arms around me and he'd chuckle with his lips on my shoulder. We bought lunch at a small deli then sat at a table by the beach allowing Jett to run as we ate the delicious food. Nolan and I seemed to just have this easiness between us as we talked about the last four years, laughing at some silly thing either one of us had done, talking like we use with each other, like it was natural again to be this close.

After Jett had tired out he came back to us, when we continued our day strolling the streets, like a young couple newly in love as we were window shopping, talking, laughing, both enjoy having time to get close again to each other. Nolan turned when I stopped then sighed as I stared at him, he shuffled getting nervous before I whispered “How did we let things get so out of control back then handsome, today has been amazing, you have been amazing, I just feel so relaxed around you right now.” Nolan looked into my eyes before he took a deep breath when he stepped up caressing my cheek with such tenderness then brushed his lips softly against mine saying “We were young and in love Lex, I think we both took it all for granted, then I became jealous of nothing, thinking it was all too perfect, I know that now, but back then I just saw myself losing you, thinking you could find someone better than me so my male pride took over pushing us apart, ending it all.”

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