Chapter 18 New meaning to March madness

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After talking with Dean for a few hours getting a man's opinion or more like his outlook on this news, I decided to just suck it up like Dean said and give the decision to Nolan. I called the station and asked Nolan to meet  me for lunch,  he was curious to what I wanted to talk about,  I guess my tone was off and when I finally got him to  relax  letting him know it wasn't a bad thing. At one I closed the files ,picking up my bag as Jett stood yawning I smile petting his ears  “Well boy time to surprise Nolan with a weird request.” while we walked out the office door. Sam turned winking as I waved to him while he kept talking on the phone and  I got on the elevator going down to the foyer then to my car. I  felt edgy seeing Nolan's car already parked in a spot as I parked next to it in the lot for Arda's cafe, locking the doors before Jett and I walked in the cafe doors. Spotting Nolan I walked down the aisle and smiled as he winked standing then sat back down after I sat down he asked “ What's all the mystery peanut?”  I bit my lip sighing “Can we get food ordered first handsome then I will tell you.” Nolan nodded waving a waiter over so after he left I opened my bag sliding the letter across to Nolan on the table “ Now before you read this I want you to think about it without any bias, look at all sides like you would on one of your cases, promise me Nolan.” He leaned back holding my eyes as he inhaled with a nod “ Promise.” and I nodded as he picked  up  Dillon's letter. I sipped on my tea watching his eyes seeing the full range of emotions flicker as he took in each line of the letter,  my own thoughts on what Dean and I discussed going through my mind before he set the letter down closing his eyes sliding it back towards me. The waiter brought our food so  we ate in silence, I knew this was harder on Nolan than me so I stayed quiet allowing more time for  him to think it over before we talked.

 Nolan finally saying “ I know you still have trust in him, what assurances is there he means what he wrote Alexia?” I shrugged “ None really but I think we all have to just have faith in humankind Nolan, Dillon has never lied to me before and I don't see him starting now do you, I think we should let him preside over the wedding giving you both closure, though if you have any doubts then have someone else in the wings to step in.” Nolan was having a hard time swallowing that male pride when he exhaled nodding “ Fine, tell Dillon  it's fine with me, I'll put aside my reservations on this but god forbid he screws this up for me somehow, I will make his life hell.” I smiled leaning over the table as he leaned in also,  I kissed his lips gently then whispered “ Now that's why I love you so much handsome you can put aside your pride for the better good.” Nolan placed his hand on my neck pulling my lips back on his kissing me deeply making me moan softly before he winked letting go whispering “ Life with you will surely be an adventure beautiful.” We walked back to the cars after Nolan paid for lunch, he  had to work late tonight and I needed to finish up some paperwork so we agreed to met up tomorrow. I called Dillon after I got back to the office leaving our answer on his machine before continuing on the stack of files on my desk, Max called at four saying he would be spending the night over at Cayden's, both going surfing early before school. Sam and I walked out of the office at six, I stopped at the store getting something for myself for dinner since I was  eating alone tonight as it would only be Jett and I at home. When  Jett finished his treat I bought him and I was done with dinner it was ten so I let him out then locked up after he came back in, showered and climbed into bed around eleven, closing my eyes hoping  March went just as smoothly as this month had. Megan and Dean had our parties coming up and the month  of February went by quicker than I expected but a lot of good things happened so I felt happy deep in my soul as I fell asleep. 

Waking up before my alarm I  walked downstairs letting Jett out to do his thing since Max wasn't here this morning, it felt strange how I have become so use to our routine with Max in my life, like it has always been this way. Dressing in casual clothing for  Friday I put on tan cargo pants, a purple silk tunic with flat black sandals. Placing my badge in the jacket pocket after putting on my back holster then went back downstairs giving Jett his breakfast while making an  English muffin with jelly. Max and I have our weekly date night today, Nolan I wasn't sure what his work schedule is today as I sipped on my coffee thinking about how things have settled down, our lives in a semi routine that works for the three of us. Megan would be coming by Saturday to spend some off her time off with us, well with Max really because she mentioned wanting to get closer to this amazing young man, her  nephew of sorts,  our son.Jett and I walked down the hall of the office smiling taking the espresso from Sam while he kept talking on the phone, I nodded winking as Tony smirked to me and I unlocked my office door ready to start another day. Max left a text on my cell saying he loved me and was starting class so he'd call later to set up our date, I smiled closing the cell while I absently stared out my office window looking over the Los Angeles morning skyline.

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