Chapter 5 Working for the weekend has benefits

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Waking up, Wednesday and knowing I have court today, two new kids, Ashley, 14 who is still in custody and Thomas who should be an interesting kid since he was pimping out women and he is only seventeen. I then smiled as I thought about how from here on out I was closer to me getting my new badge and the weekend is three working days away. I showered and put on my gray dress shirt, white pants, black dress boots and watch, then grabbed holster putting in on, check my 9mm then holstered it. Grabbing my Italian leather jacket, putting my badge in the pocket, I walked downstairs and drank an energy drink, put cream cheese on a bagel, then I picked up my keys, briefcase and black purse.

After I locked the front door and started my vic, I headed to the coffee shop grabbing an espresso then parked in my space at my office. I nodded and smiled as the guards chuckled when I set off the alarms, as they rest it then I walked to the elevator and after getting off on my floor I smiled stopping to talk with Sam and Tony the officer at my door. I walked in my office, put my purse in the bottom drawer, opened the briefcase and sat down reading Ashley's file as I finished off my coffee. Glancing at the clock I had an hour before I needed to be at court for Ashley so I leaned back turning on the stereo and listened to the music as I went over every word between Nolan and I last night, the nice dinner, his tenderness as he left and how he didn't push for more physical touch.

As I closed my eyes going over it more and more I knew I had to give him another chance, risky yes but my heart still loves him even if my head says it a real bad idea. Sam knocked softly leaning in smiling and told me I had to go or I would be late as I smirked thanking him he nodded then closed to door. I grabbed my purse and Ashley's file then headed out past Sam, he nodded telling me to watch my back as he always says when I head to court and I chuckled patting his arm. I walked out saying morning to the other officers then went back down to the foyer, got in my car, turned on the police band scanner and head downtown to the superior courthouse for Ashley's court appointment.

Pulling into the parking and I noticed this place was busy today so I locked my car and headed in the doors, nodding to security as the alarms went off, they nodded back. I walked to the courtroom Ashley's suppose to be in, took a seat and waited for this show to start. Ashley being 14, I wondered where her parents are today, they have to be here because she is a minor and they can't release her without an adult. I watched the doors for her parents when the side door opened and they led this distraught girl out who had to be Ashley, then turned hearing the courtroom doors open to see a well dressed lady walk in and sit behind the defendant table.

The judge entered as we all stood while hearing the normal speech then we sat down when the judge looked to Ashley and her court appointed lawyer. As the judge cleared his throat he looked my way and nodded as I smiled nodding back when he said “ So let's get all the people involved at a table, Officer Quincy please take a seat up here with us.” I smirked then got up and stood behind the right table with the state attorney as the judge continued “ Are the parents for Ashley Petry here?” I turned as the lady stood up and nodded then he said “ Good now miss you have been sentenced to two years on probation, Officer Quincy here is your Probation officer, what I want to know is why the young lady is still in jail and not released to her mother?” The state attorney cleared his throat answering “ Your honor, her parents have been out of the country on hiatus and since there was no other adult in the home we had no one else.” I growled when the judge chuckled saying “ I do agree Officer Quincy, a 14 year old still in jail is harsh, so as of now she is to be released to her mother with the stipulations that she will be supervised by an adult at all times.”

The lady stood saying “ Your honor we both travel a lot, so can anyone else watch over Ashley?” He sternly said “ No Ms. Petry, she is your daughter, you will be grounded stateside for the next two years as Ashley can't leave my jurisdiction and Officer Quincy here must see her every week, guess you will have to assume the role of parent instead of pawning your daughter off or leaving her home alone, which could be a factor in why she is in the trouble now don't you think?” Ms. Petry grumbled but still nodded yes to the judge. I hid a chuckled behind my hand as the judge dismissed the case, he winked to me as I smiled than I walked to Ashley and handed her my card softly saying “ I'm sure you and I have a few things to talk about huh, here is my address and I will see you next week, call and set up an appointment time okay?” She nodded whispering thank you as her mom frowned saying “ I'll be waiting for when you have changed Ashley.” The officer escorted Ashley back out as I nodded to her mom then walked past hearing her on her cell saying “No Herbert you will have to go without me, I have to stay home for two years now with Ashley.”

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