Chapter 19 Commitment with lasting love

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 Max and Megan were talking in the kitchen as I woke up from  my nap on the couch, I stretched  and Jett licked my face making me  smile. Nineteen days didn't seem so far away in my mind as people kept popping up in my space, Megan making small lunch dates for us to catch up with friends. Tom made sure he came by picking me up once a week for a father daughter lunch and our time together was one of the best things because he knew I was missing my parents even more the closer the wedding day came.  Megan , Max and I had a quiet dinner of take out Chinese before she took off for the night, Max and I curled up on the couch and watched a movie before we called it a night. Max making sure everything was locked up after he let Jett out for the night  telling me he'd see me at breakfast and  we could spend our last two weekends doing anything I wanted since he had no plans with friends. Dean and Nolan both calling us when they could, I think Nolan calling me more  which made Megan snort every time my cell would ring. As the final hours waned away I snuggled under the covers as the first stars appeared in the sky whispering “ Well mom and dad  it's time your baby girl grows up and becomes the married  woman you both dreamed about, love and miss you both.”

 It seemed like time had a mind of it's own as the next weeks passed by quickly, maybe because my friends and loved ones kept me occupied with things to do other than thinking about the wedding day approaching swiftly upon us. Megan had Max be Nolan and My Chaperone the few times we did get to see each other, Nolan taking me out on what she deemed a “proper' date” which made Max and I laugh while Nolan just grumbled. Nolan took us to dinner and a movie one time then an all day date on Saturday which consisted of lunch and the amusement park at the pier along with  a late night movie snuggling at home.Tonight is our rehearsal and dinner so as I scan my clothes for what to wear  my  nervousness kicks into high gear. Max is driving himself, Megan and I  to the park for the rehearsal, Dean and Nolan will  be riding together and then we are all meeting up at the Kyoto Grand Hotel where our reception will be for dinner. The three girls, Brianna, Ella and Julie rented a car when the arrived last night so they had a way around from their hotel  this trip, so they also will meet us at Fermin Park for the rehearsal. All in all the wedding party is a total of  thirteen which includes Nolan's parents and Dillon, but seeing that Megan is highly superstitious she asked Max to bring Zoey along to even out the number.

I grabbed my cream sweater and black boot cut jeans knowing it would be cooler out tonight, of course my holster and gun out of habit then brushed my hair into a nice french twist, adding my white sandal heels. Megan, Zoey and Max were all talking in the living room as I walked downstairs pausing with a smile as Max turned “ Ready mom?” and I nodded “ As ever as I can be  I think.” Picking up my brown suede jacket that had all the usual things in it, badge, ID and wallet we headed out the door, Max locking it after Jett sauntered out after us.  Since Nolan was moving into the house after our honeymoon him and Dean have been hauling his things over from his apartment all week and putting it in the garage, on one of their trips I stopped Nolan when I handed him a copy of the deed to the house showing I added his name on it as a rightful owner to my family home. I informed him and Max that I had seen my lawyer and had all my papers changed adding both their names on my will and life insurance policy.

 Nolan adamantly protested about it all, knowing just how much this home means to me, but finally gave in when I told him it was  my wedding present to him and as a couple it is the right thing to do also as a family plus my parents always loved Nolan like their own son. So Nolan decided to give me my wedding present the next day, he and Max decided together I should have a newer vehicle so here we are now getting into my new Toyota Highlander that has the pet cage separating Jett in the back from the seats which fits nicely giving him plenty of room. Even though I love my Crown Vic, I smiled at the new vehicle as I ran my hand along the side of the shiny beautiful color.  I already knew Nolan had me as beneficiary on his life insurance at work and he told Max he added his name to go into affect as of tomorrow. To say the least Max was stunned by us both as he thought about what it all meant before he hugged us reaffirming just how much he loves us back. Pulling into a parking spot at the Fermin lighthouse park, I inhaled seeing the wedding lights and tresses were already  starting to be put up, Megan snorted “ Hey Lex it takes time so the crew has to start tonight so it will be done before three tomorrow.” nodding “ It's starting to look like my dream is all Meg, and so beautifully done.”  Everyone was already here ahead of us so Max and Zoey  walked towards the front and Zoey took a seat in a chair, Max stood by Dean at the front. I smiled as Tom came up to me at the back “ Time to  do a once through even though I'm sure you and I know how this works Alexia.” I kissed his cheek whispering “ Just don't let me trip tomorrow Tom is all I ask.” and he chuckled with a nod. Dillon was standing in his spot while the rest of the wedding people took their positions, I stared at Nolan as we caught each others gaze both smiling as we practically   zoned out everyone else around us in this moment of time.

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