Chapter 3 Start of another work week

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Getting up by the alarm at 6 am then I showered, dried off leaving my hair down, put on a white blouse along with my black dress skirt and strapped on my holster, gun then tossed on the black blazer with low black pumps. I knew being a Monday today would probably be hectic and I have two more new kids along with Jasper today. I often wonder what these kids parents do or think, they seem like all good kids just mixed up in crap with peer pressure most of the time. I put all the files in my briefcase, grabbed my purse, keys and badge then headed out the door, locking in and thinking I would stop for my usual coffee adding a breakfast sandwich this time. I turned on the radio to a local station to hear “ Because of You” by Kelly Clarkson, instantly thinking about Nolan and how much he meant to me back then, and how he trying to make amends now.

I stopped at a small coffee shop getting my expresso and a bagel breakfast sandwich, then headed to my office. I walked through the foyer, the metal detector setting it off as usual and smirked at the security guard as he chuckled waving me by then I went to the elevators. Getting off the elevator, nodding to a couple of the other probation officers on my floor and smiled when I reached Sam as he grinned handing me my messages. He told me that I had Ava Burk at 9, then Jasper at 10, after lunch I had Diana Jeppson at 1pm and a court appointment since I violated Lola’s probation at 3pm, hopefully that would be the end of my day and I could get some paperwork done.

I handed Sam some files saying “ Here ya go Sam, time to put these to rest.” as he chuckled taking them then I turned and went into my office just as an officer walked up and leaned against the wall by my door. The state has an officer by our doors for a few reasons, violence, to take any people we revoke, mostly as a deterrent for the people we see. I handle teens but other probation officers on this floor also handle adults and it can get intense on this floor when they realize they screwed up and are heading to jail, even prison sometimes. I set down my coffee and breakfast, then opened my briefcase setting Lola's file to the side as I would need it in court, then put the other nine in my weekly rack. I put my purse in the desk drawer after getting out my badge and inserting the cover in my blazer pocket, flipping it open so the badge could be seen as protocol deemed necessary. Sliding my briefcase to the back counter behind me , I sat down pulling out Ava and Diana’s files reading them as I ate the sandwich.

After I finished eating I headed to the bathroom, washed up and walked back leaning on the counter asking” So Sam how was your weekend?” He took off his ear piece for the phones and answered “ Awesome boss, went to Napa valley, wine tasting all weekend with my girl, the place was amazing and then I popped the question, she said yes.” I chuckled as he told me he'd make sure I get an invite to the wedding then he asked about my weekend. I told him I passed my cert tests, about Lola and Jasper then sighed telling him about Nolan being back home. Sam raised an eye brow saying “ Wow Alexia, time for maybe forgiving him, hell it's been four years.” I shrugged and never replied because I saw a teen girl walking my way with Ms. Yates the woman who runs the foster home on this side of town.

I stood tall, as did the officer by my door, and smiled as Ava looked down shyly while Ms. Yates said I “ I don't know what Ava was thinking Ms. Quincy she's only 15 , and I make sure they all have the basics like I am suppose to, so don't understand why she needed any money.” I nodded saying “ Well I think it's time Ava and I get to know one another okay Ava?” She nodded as I opened my door and she walked in sitting in a chair as Ms. Yates started in I said “I think you need to let us have some privacy, so please have a seat, Sam will get you some water, coffee?” She grumbled at me as Sam smirked showing her where to sit, the officer chuckled as I smiled and went in my office closing the door. Ava was nervous that I could tell right off so I smiled and asked her “ How was school this year and how's things at the home?” She looked up saying “ School went good passed my grade so now I will be a freshman, the home is okay, a bit crowded Ms. Quincy.”

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