Chapter 11 Vacationing in New York with friends and family

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Taking our seats in first class was as simple as things could get for me, Nolan smiled lovingly at me as I chuckled watching the first class stewardess flirt with him but he politely brushed her off. I sent Megan a text telling her we are now boarded and should be in New York in six hours since we have a lay over in Chicago, Nolan texted Sam making sure he had picked up Jett from my house and after we both got responses back, Nolan and I both turned our cells off for the flight. We both got a bottled water from a really cute steward and Nolan growl low when he flirted with me as I laughed taking his hand entwining our fingers together showing the young man I was happy with my man by me, of course he nodded as he smirked saying “ Ah well had to try and nice to see a couple truly happy together, best of luck miss and sir.” Nolan let out a low breath as he thanked him, the tension easing from both men as I shook my head chuckling. After going through the standard safety talk our plane taxied down the run way and lifted off as Nolan and I both closed our eyes letting out sighs of relief, both needing time away from our jobs even though I brought my laptop, I knew Nolan would keep my mind occupied on other things to do for the next few weeks. When we were able to move around and turn electronics on, I softly asked “ Would you like to see what I have in mind for a wedding cake handsome?” Nolan smiled replying “ You can show me anything you want baby, you have my undivided attention with whatever makes you happy Lex.”

I blushed when he wiggled his eye brows knowing the underlining tone as I shook my head then put my laptop on the tray so we both could see the screen. As we look over different cake ideas we both agreed a lemon cake with white frosting sounded good to us both, then I showed Nolan what I had in mind for his and Dean's tuxes. We laughed as we scanned some normal and weird sites that popped up, chuckling at the wedding sites that seemed doomed from the comments and posts that were on them. Nolan shook his head saying he knew it was a special day for both involved so how could people let things get so out of hand to ruin their day, I shrugged telling him sometimes things just happen and I hoped ours goes of without a hitch. I put the laptop away when the seat belt light came on letting us know we were now getting ready to land in Chicago for our two hour layover, Nolan kissed my forehead saying he needed to stretch his legs, so we could wander around the terminal as we wait for our connecting flight.

We headed to get a coffee after we disembarked from the plane, I also called Megan to let her know where we are right now and when should be in New York. While I wandered around the gift shop, Nolan disappeared on me but I smiled knowing he wouldn't be gone for too long so I bought a few trinkets for my friends, a new cd “What About Now by Bon Jovi. I listened to “Because We Can” and was bopping my head when Nolan showed backed up, pulling me against him as he kissed my neck looking at what I was doing and he chuckled as I smirked up to him when he took one of the earphones listening along with me. Nolan smiled saying “ I like this song beautiful, they are going strong as ever.” and I nodded answering “ Looks like you enjoy the new stuff as well as the oldies handsome.” Nolan chuckled nodding while he took my hand and led us out of the gift shop now heading to the restaurant in the terminal that was close to our next gate.

Nolan and I walked towards terminal three then he led me into O'Briens Restaurant and bar for some food before we leave in an hour. We both got steak sandwiches and drinks and I chuckled as we both dug into to awesome food since neither of us ate this morning before we boarded the plane. Nolan picked up our carry on bags after we finished eating then we both headed to the security gate at our boarding gate so we could get through the TSA security again. The agent nodded at us both when we showed our badges, another guy pulled us into a separate room , he checked our bags and asked to see our weapons. Nolan and I both handed him our guns from our back holsters as he chuckled shaking his head saying “ Well it seems you both had the same idea on holsters, I see your going to New York so have a safe trip and thanks for the patience with us.” I smiled as Nolan replied “ Everyone has a job to do so we both understand sir, have a great day.” and he gave us our weapons back then showed us out of the room nodding to the stewardess at the loading door.

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