Chapter 12

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My mom comes into my room in the morning around 6 and wakes me up. "Good morning." She says. "It's Thursday! You almost made it through your first full week of school!"
"Yay!" I say sarcastically to my mom.
"Cmon you should be excited!!! And hey Sam is coming over this weekend! So there you have something to look forward too."
"Yeah I can't wait." I say as I'm getting out of my bed. My mom walks out of my room so I can get ready. I pull on a pair of jeans and grab a shirt hanging from my closet. I put my hair in a bun today so it's out of my face. I head to the bathroom to brush my teeth. When I'm done upstairs I walk down the stairs into the kitchen; grab a banana and head out the door.
"Bye Mom. Love you."
"Love you too!"
I get into my car start the engine and head out. The drive to school took shorter time then it usually does. There wasn't as many cars on the road this morning which I was grateful for. As I'm pulling into the school parking lot, I get a email from my phone from some random person.
"Behind the school now! And DONT bring anybody. Or else." Great another threat? Who is this person? I start to head behind the school because I am very curious who this person is. As I'm rounding the corner two guys jump on me, grab my arms and cover my mouth just as I let out a scream.
"Let me go!!" I tried to say through the cloth that was tied around my mouth now but it just came out as a mumble.
"Don't try to struggle or it will just make it worse." A boy says in a low voice that I have never heard of. I still struggle I kick my legs and try to loosen my arms out of there strong grip. One of the boys lets go of my arm and hands it to the other boy. So now one of them has both my arms in a death grip and one of them has both my legs in their massive hands. Great. This still doesn't stop me I thrash about trying to loosen their grip. But then a third boy comes and covers my eyes with another cloth. Great. So I can't scream or see. This still doesn't stop me as I'm thrashing about in their arms someone comes over and punches me in my stomach. I let out a groan and this stops me from struggling.
"There that shuts her up." Says one of the boys. "Good there she comes." I don't know who "she" is because none of them say any names.
"Thank you boys. Don't let go of her. She might just try to crawl away. Now Alex you listen to me loud and clear." I still don't know who this is so why should I listen to her? I start thrashing about again and something hard flys into my gut. Someone punched me again I'm guessing.
"Your one tough girl. Stop struggling will you." Why in the world would they think I would stop struggling when they practically kidnapped me? "Now Alex. You better listen this time. Things are going to get a lot worse for you. I don't care if you think Elliot is here to be your friend. Sooner or later he will not want you anymore." Who does this person think she's talking to? I don't care, I want to be out of this mess. "You think the emails and all the rudeness is just to torture you? Well it is because I HATE you. You are such a goody goody." Goody goody? Who are these people? "Anyways things are going to get worse. But don't bother keeping your eyes open. You won't know when it hits ya. Well that's all. You can let her down now boys. But make sure you tie her arms and legs." The boys start to sway me back and forth in there arms, which is starting to make me dizzy. Then they drop me without any warning on the grass. I land with a big thud. I try to crawl away but they grab my feet and pull me back. As I'm trying to find something anything to hit they grab my arms to. I felt the hands let go of my feet so I try to move them but they are nice and tightly bound together. This is so unfair it's three to one I think to myself. Then they tie my hands together behind my back. I try to hit something any chance I get but they punch me in the stomach again. I feel the tears well in my eyes. The three boys let go of me finally. I can hear them walk away. I start breaking down in tears. I'm screaming through the cloth. Nobody will be able to hear me and I'll shrivel up and die here.
I start to hear foot steps coming towards me after what seems like an eternity. I'm almost positive the whole day of school passed. I don't know who it is and I really don't feel like getting kicked again so I try to wiggle away on the grass. They start to run I try to move faster but I can't. I scream through the cloth just as they pick me up and throw me over their shoulder. Can't they untie my cloths? Please! I plead in my head even though I know with every cell in my body that it won't do any good. Even though I still don't know who this person is cuz they didn't take the cloth off my eyes I start to stop thrashing over their shoulder. I'm really tired from all this. I feel the tears start to gather up in my eyes. I'm boiling mad. Why can't they take the cloth off my eyes? I start to scream again as they are about to set me down on the ground but their hand covers my mouth quickly even though I still have a cloth on it. Maybe they think it will muffle the sound even more?
"Shh everything is going to be okay." A guy says. Why would he think I would believe him? I start to wiggle away again but he grabs my legs and pulls me back into a bear hug. "Your one tough girl." Which makes me cringe because that's exactly what my kidnappers said earlier. He started to untie my legs. Why my legs? Untie my mouth and eyes first please! Why does this person not want to show me who the heck he is?
"Your going to be okay." He says as he starts to untie my hands. When they are untied he still doesn't let go of them. "Please don't punch me or try to run. I'm not going to hurt you." What? Why wouldn't I start to move? I was just tied up for pete sake!! I still move but he grabs my arms.
"Stop moving will you?" He says. "I'm not going to hurt you or let anyone else hurt you." Then I realize who's voice this belongs to. It's Elliot. I decide not to move because I trust him. I know that he won't let anything else happen to me while I'm by him. He unties my eyes but my mouth still has a cloth on it. Everything is untied but my mouth and I can't untie my mouth because after he untied my eyes he grabbed my hands again and still hasn't let go.
"Your so strong you know that?" He says. Really? I think I'm pretty weak. "Now please don't scream or anything when I untie your mouth." I nod my head. I didn't make any promises so once my mouth is untied I start screaming and his hand flys up to cover it.
"I told you not to scream." He says.
"I didn't make any promises." I mumble through his hand.
"Please?" He says as his brown eyes look into mine. I nod.
"You know school is almost over. Maybe we should just head home." He says. Really? I was tied up for that long? I don't think I can talk yet so I just nod my head. He helps me up and I feel really dizzy. He held out his hands as if I was going to fall. I really did feel like was going to fall. Luckily I didn't. I start to head to my car which he follows to.
"Want to hangout?" He says.
I still don't think I can talk so I just nod my head. I get into my car start the engine and look over to his car. He's already in so I start to drive away from the school. I feel the tears swelling up in my eyes as I'm pulling away. Good thing I don't live that far from school because I would not want to get into an accident.
As I'm pulling into my drive way I have tears running down my face. Why does this have to be happening to me? What did I ever do to Sarah? I sit in my car for a few minutes so I can pull myself together. Just when I was about to open the door that's when I realize Elliot is standing right by my door. I get out without saying a word. I grabbed my backpack from my car and slammed the door shut.

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