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Chapter 10

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I wake up in the morning it's Wednesday. Another school day. As I'm getting ready for school I notice that it's raining outside. I don't really know why but I love the rain. My mom says it's going to thunderstorm!! Yes!! She knows I love it. Good thing it didn't thunderstorm last night and only rained. Once I'm all ready for school so I head to my car.
"Bye mom love you."
"Love you too." I looked in the mirror in my car. My face is getting all black and blue. I turn the radio on like I usually do in the car but I don't really pay attention to it. I'm almost at school. I really hope Sarah isn't there today. Wrong. She's right in front of Elliot's car talking to him. I get out of my car and head inside. I'm not going to talk to anyone today. Except Sam when I get home.
"Hey Alexis." Elliot great. Can he just leave me alone for just one day? I ignore him and keep on walking to my class. Of course that won't even help since he's my biology partner for class.
I get to my room and head to my seat. There's nobody in here which I'm glad for because I don't want to have to talk to anyone. Then Sarah and Elliot walk in the classroom together. I'm glad Sarah doesn't sit by me.
"Alexis are you okay?" Elliot says as he's sitting down.
"Oh I'm just peachy."
"What's wrong?"
"You don't have a clue do you? Now that your all buddy buddy with Sarah I would rather not talk to you anymore."
"I'm not buddy buddy with Sarah she came up to me at my locker and kept talking to me. I was trying to find you but you weren't by your locker."
"So I had a great time yesterday."
"Yeah me too."
The teacher walks in and she starts class. I'm not really paying attention. I don't really pay attention at all in school these days. It's just to hard. The rest of the day went in a blur. Blah blah blah. I'm so tired I could sleep for ages.
As I'm rushing to my locker I kinda stumble because I'm on the verge of sleeping.
"Hey Alex you look like you could use some help there?" Someone comes up and says. Oh it's Sarah.
"Come on don't ignore me. Otherwise I can just make your pretty little bruised face even prettier." Then all of a sudden Elliot's there.
"So you actually did punch her?" Elliot says.
"WHAT!? No why would you even think that?" Sarah says.
"Goodbye." I say. I want to go home and sleep. I don't have any hw so I can do that.
As I'm heading home I notice that my face does really look bruised from her punch. The bruise is becoming all black and blue. I should probably come up with a back up story. Nobody is home which is a good thing then I can go to sleep earlier.
I'm about to head in my house when I hear a car drive by me. I don't know who it is but whoever it is just dropped off a letter. I run and go pick it up. It reads. "I don't know who you think you are. But again nobody likes you. You need to stop trying to pretend that everyone likes you and that your a pretty little saint." What in the world? I am not pretending everyone likes me. What? "Because your not. Nobody likes you. And I can even prove it. Tomorrow at school. You just wait. Xoxo." Xoxo again? So this is the person that just emailed me to. Who do they think they are? I decide to call Sam so I can talk to her about it.
"Hey Sam."
"Hey Alex."
"What's up?"
"Oh nothing much just the usual. How about you? How you doing?"
"Oh you know the usual. But I actually do have a reason for calling."
"So I got home from school and this car just comes by and drops off a letter. I have never seen the car so I don't know who would of done it. The note is really mean and I don't know who else to talk to so I decided to call you. Okay it reads." So I read her the letter. And she starts crying at the end.
"Oh Alex I am so sorry. But hey it's Wednesday its almost the weekend which means we get to see each other!"
"Yeah I know I'm really excited."
"Me too."
"So how was your day?"
"Oh you know school then came home and did chores. Nothing unusual."
"Yeah nothing unusual unlike when I came home a car dropped off a letter. So that's pretty much sums up my dull day. But hey it's thunder storming!! And I love them."
"Haha I know you do you silly goose." As she's saying that I here the doorbell. Who in the world would come outside in a thunderstorm?
"Hey someone's at the door I'll talk to you later. Love you."
"Love you."

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