Chapter 8

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I slam the bathroom door shut. I didn't turn the light on because I know where everything is. I don't care. I don't care if he wants to leave. I don't care if he doesn't ever want to talk to me again. I don't care. I hear him walking towards me now.
"Go away." My face is covered in tears. I want to curl up and fall into a deep sleep. I grab a towel from a cupboard in my bathroom and cry into it. I hope the towel will muffle my tears more. I don't want him to here me crying.
"Please let me in."
"No go away." I yell into the towel while it muffled my voice.
"Please...I have something for you."
"What is it?"
"Open the door and you'll see." I can't lie. I'm very curious. I get up open the door and he picks me up in his arms.
"Let me down!!!!" I yell while I'm thrashing about.
"No." He puts me on my bed and then runs closes the door and locks it. I still have tears running down my face. I fall back into my pillows and cry into them. Elliot comes over and rubs my back.
"Can you please tell what's wrong?"
"What's wrong? What's wrong is that I moved here. What's wrong is that I'm getting bullied by your stupid friends. What's wrong is that I never felt like this at my old school. What's wrong is that I can't do anything about it. What's wrong is that I'm a freak just like Sarah says. What's wrong is that you keep trying to help me but you know what? It doesn't help it makes me feel even worse because you think you can fix it and you can't!!!!" I sob. I sob into my pillows and make them get drenched.
"Hold up. Your not a freak. And don't worry about the bullying I'll make it stop. Or at least try to help, you just can't let it get to you."
"Sure sure."
"Listen I've been meaning to ask you something for awhile."
"Will you go on a date with me?"
"Hmm let me think about it." Then I here a bleep on my computer. I get up off my bed and go check it. Someone emailed me. It reads.
"You need to go die in a hole. Nobody likes you. Nobody. And if you don't believe it then just go around and ask everyone. Your a nobody. Nobody is going to want to be your friend and your just making it worse for yourself by being friends with Elliot. By the way. If you don't stay away from him I will find you. xoxo."
Xoxo???? What in the world? How did this person even get my email? Who do they think they are? You can't just go around bullying people it's extremely mean. I looked down and read the email again. Okay great so now I'm getting threatened. This is fantastic. I don't realize I'm crying until Elliot comes over and reads my email.
"Who sent this?" He says as he wraps his arms around me. All I could manage to do was shake my head I can't do this anymore. I jump out of my seat and remove his arms from around me. He try's and grabs my wrist but it's smaller then he hoped. As I'm trying to release his hold on me I stumble back and trip on something. I fall down and hit my head against the ground. Crap! I manage to get up off the ground without him trying to pull me back. Then I run out my bedroom door.

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