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Chapter 7

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"Why hello there." The nurse says.
"Hi Alexis and I don't feel well. We would like to go home."
"Oh ok." She starts writing a pass for us to leave to go home. I look into Elliot's mind. "Maybe I can punch Sarah. She hurt Alexis so much." God is he hard to get away from. I can never concentrate that much with him around. Maybe I should even tell him that I can read minds. No I'll wait till later.
"Here you go. I hope you guys feel better."
"Thank you." Elliot says.
"Thanks." I say in a quiet voice. As we are walking out of the office. I start to walk to my locker and Elliot follows me.
"Hey you want to hangout?" He says.
Do I want to hangout with him? What would we even do? What if something bad happens? Like just because he was so nice to me a little bit ago doesn't mean he doesn't want to be mean to me. He could change his mind. What if he has a plan to do something to me? What if...? What if...? No stop he doesn't want to be mean he just wants to hangout. I look up to see him staring at me. I look into his eyes to see if he is saying anything with them. Because I can tell by someone's eyes sometimes if they don't mean what they actually say. I decide that he doesn't intend to be mean. He just wants to hangout with me.
"Sure. Why don't we hangout at my house."
"Awesome." Elliot says as I'm finishing up at my locker.
I'm walking to my car with Elliot and he just happened to park right next to me.
"Okay you lead I'll follow" He says.
I jump into my car and start the engine. I look over to see if he's ready he gives me a big wide smile. God is he cute. I try to read his mind. "I can't believe she said yes to hangout with me!!" So he really does like me and he really does just want to hangout. That's a relief. I start heading home.
I pull into my driveway and he is right behind me. I get out of my car and run to the garage to open it. He's right behind me. I run in and head straight to my room. I slam the door behind me. Hopefully he thinks that he should stay behind the closed door because I could already feel tears roll down my face. I hear a knock on my door.
"Alexis can I come in?"
"No." I say with my voice cracking. I can't believe this is happening. What have I done?
"Alexis I'm coming in." I have tears running down my face really fast.
"Oh Alexis." He rushes towards me and cradles me in his arms. This is so embarrassing.
"I...I..." I stammer.
"Shhhh. It's okay."
I'm so ashamed. Why does this have to happen? Then my phone rings. Elliot looks at it and says that its Sam. Sam!!! He saw my eyes light up. He answers is.
"Hello." Elliot says.
"Why hello. I'm Sam. Who are you?"
"I'm Alexis's friend Elliot." I can tell he wants to say more then just a friend but right now we're not.
"Well that's really nice. I'm Alex's best friend."
"That's very nice." Elliot says.
"Uhh can you tell Alex to call me later?"
"Sure. Bye." He then puts my phone down beside my bed. He seems like he wants no more interruptions. Great.
"So are you going to tell me why your face is all black and blue now that we're alone?" I decide to lie to him.
"Uhh yeah. I slipped and fell on my face."
"Really? Because your face doesn't have any scrapes or anything just a big bruise like someone punched you."
I bite my lip. "Well..." Then I realize I gave to much away.
"Oh my goodness who punched you?!"
"No she wouldn't."
"Fine don't believe me. That's just great anyways." I start crying really hard again.
"No no don't cry. I just never thought she would of done that."
"Why not? Because she's an angel?" I say while my voice cracks. "Because she's not! She's a bully. A mean one." Im screaming now. "And if you want to defend her and be friends with her then get out of my house right now!!!" I point my finger towards he door. Then I scream, jump out of his arms and run to the bathroom.

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