Chapter 6

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I started walking inside the building alone. I didn't want to talk to anyone else. I didn't need to go to my locker this morning so I went right to biology. Someone grabs my arm.
"Hey I'm Sarah. What's your name?"
"Are you in here first period?"
"Cool so am I. I guess I'll see ya in a few."
This Sarah girl happened to be the girl that stared at me yesterday. Great my nemesis. And she's trying to be my friend. Maybe she isn't as bad as she was yesterday.
"Well look what we have here. Little Alex. All alone." Sarah comes up to me and says. "Why you ignoring me? Got a problem?"
"Why don't you just leave her alone?" Someone with a deep voice comes up and says to Sarah.
"Why don't you make me?" She says without even turning around. Then she snaps her head around and blushes. "Hey Elliot."
"Hey Sarah. Hey Alexis."
"Hi." I say.
"So Elliot what you doing later?" Sarah comes off and says. I try and reach inside her mind. Turns out she has a huge crush on Elliot.
"Actually Alexis and I have plans."
WHAT!? I screamed in my head. No we don't, I want to say but I decide to keep my mouth shut its probably for the best. Don't want to make her suspicious or anything.
"Oh. Well that's good she's a really nice girl." What in the world is happening!!!! She was just being really mean to me a little bit ago. The two of them keep talking but I tune them out. Maybe I can escape to the bathroom. I'll give it a shot. I get up to leave and walk out of the room. The bathroom is really close to my room so that's good.
In the bathroom I splash water on my face. Ah. It feels really good. Then all of a sudden Sarah comes in. Great.
"Hey Alex."
"Hi." I say my voice sounds like a little girls.
"So you like this school?" Sarah says as she is stepping closer to me.
"Uhh huh." I say as I step farther away from her towards the wall. She starts walking faster towards me. What is she doing? She gets closer and closer by the second. I didn't even have enough time to decide to read into her because she is so close to me now I can smell her breathe. She leans in even closer.
"Hey Alex you better stay away from Elliot. Got it?" Sarah says with her voice so mean I think she could win a fight with just talking. I don't respond I don't need to. She looks me in the eye with her daring face. "Did ya here me? Or do I need you to make me here me?" All of a sudden she punches me in the stomach and then the face!!!!! "Stay. Away. From. Elliot. Tootles!" As soon as she is done talking she sticks a smile on her face like she just finished patching up a friendship. Then she turns around and walks out like nothing happened.
I sat there on the floor crying for I don't even know how long. I hate my life. I want to go home and curl up and die. I hate everything.
At least an hour later I decide to get out of the bathroom and Elliot is right there.
"Alex!!! Are you ok?" I push past him but since he is stronger and bigger then me he grabs my arm and doesn't let go.
"Were you crying?"
"No." I say with as much force I can get into my voice. I try to pull out of his grasp but he just tightens his hand even harder on my arm. I can still feel tears rolling down my cheeks.
"Why is your face all bruised?"
"None of your business. Go away. Go hangout with your BFF Sarah."
"What? I don't like Sarah."
"Sure you don't." I try to push past him again but he again tightens his grip. I didn't even think he could tighten it any more.
"I do not like Sarah. Do you here me? I don't, not in a million years would I like that girl." He then puts his hand on my chin and lifts it up to make me look him in the eyes. I can tell by looking in his eyes he actually means it. But if he doesn't like Sarah then what kind of girls does he like? Whatever I don't care. Or do I? Do I like Elliot? No I couldn't.
"Listen." Elliot says breaking me away from my thoughts. "You look like you could need a break. Why don't we both go to the nurses and say we don't feel well. And head on home?"
"Fine with me."
We were both walking to the nurses together and I read his mind. "She is so cute." He thinks. Great he called me cute, again!! What am I going to do? Maybe he is really nice. Okay I already knew that. But maybe he isn't the kind of guy I thought he was.
"Watcha thinking about there?" Elliot says.
"Nothing." I say with a smile.
"Cmon I can tell you're thinking about something."
"Uhh..." I see the nurses office. Thank goodness. I don't have really want to have to tell him I was thinking about him. Hopefully nobody's in there. I push through the door and nobody's in there but the nurse, Elliot and I.

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