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Chapter 1

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Sitting in my new room thinking what am I gonna do?  Nobody will know me. Nobody. How am I suppose to go to a school with no friends? What if nobody likes me? How am I suppose to cope with that? I have never even had any friends because at my old school every one just stayed away from me. My mom says "Everyone is going to love you honey. You are a smart, lovely girl. You will make friends in no time. Don't sell yourself short" I only wish she was right about that.

Tomorrow is my first day at my new school and I am a Sophmore. Everyone has known each other at least since Freshman year. Well what about me? I'll be a nobody. Nobody. I mean honestly who is going to want to hangout with the freaky new girl? That's how it always happens. You start at a new school and everyone starts saying "Oh look she's the new girl. I've heard about her" or "Why did she even move here?" "I heard her parents lost their job so they had to move." Why does everyone have to be so mean and why can't anybody mind their own business?

Maybe tomorrow won't be as bad as I think but then again it could be even worse. But thinking about school is making me sad so I decide to put tomorrow on hold for a little while. My room still wasn't fully set up yet so I got to work. I started with my bed. My blue flowered comforter on it, my millions of blankets and pillows strewn about. All the boxes and garbage bags of things all over the place you can barely even walk.

About three hours later,  my room is finally getting put back together and a human being can walk through. I hear my phone ring from downstairs because apparently I forgot I left it down there. Already knowing who is on my phone by reading my moms head, that's another freaky thing about me, I can read minds. Anywhere, anytime I know what's on your mind.

"Honey, Sam's on the phone!" my mom called up to me, like I didn't already know. She probably looked at my caller ID to see who called. Knowing I wouldn't mind, since it is only Sam, she went ahead and picked the phone up for me.

"Coming" I yelled down to my mom.

Sam is my cousin, but she's also my best friend. We tell each other anything and everything. She's like a sister to me and I love her to death. We hangout all the time but it's difficult because she lives kinda far away. We both wish we could hangout more, but me being the one with the license and doesn't particular love driving we don't really get to unless our parents are willing to drive us.

"Hey Sam what's up?" I ask her through my phone once I reach my mom.

"Alex! How's your new house?"

"Oh you know just a house." I state to her. I mean it is a nice house but I don't have that much of an opinion on it right now. Considering I only just got her a few short hours ago. Also, thinking about the house makes me think about the new high school I will be starting to attend on Monday. Which I am really not looking forward too. Considering it is about halfway through October already and everyone else has already settled in.

"C'mon are you still bummed about your new school?"

"Uhh you could say that." I reply to her as I start to walk back up into my horribly unorganized room. I mean who wouldn't be bummed about a new school? Sure maybe you will be a little excited but than reality sinks in and you realize you don't know anybody. Also, being the socially awkward person I am, I am not going to go up to someone and just start a random convocation.  

"Hey how about this weekend I'll have my mom take me up to your house and we can have a sleepover!" That would be fantastic but I am not going to get my hopes up because her mom might not do that. Considering we live half an hour away from each other so our parents don't really drive us to each others houses all the time.  Also, like I said I don't like driving so that would be out of the question.

"That would be awesome! I can't wait! If they even say yes" I trail on to Sam's thought.

"Good because I want to here all about your new school. Also, I am sure both our parents will agree to it. After all, we haven't gotten to see each other in a while and both our parents know how rough this week will be for you."

"Yeah okay, I guess that seems reasonable..." I don't know for sure if this will actually work so I don't want to get my hopes up.

"Hey Alex?"

"Yes, Sam?"

"You realize that you're going to kick butt at school tomorrow, right?" Obviously she could tell how down I was because she wouldn't be saying that otherwise.

"Yeah sure, whatever you say." I reply to her statement kind of glumly.

"Alex, your going to do just fine! Also, don't forget that I am obviously always going to be here to pick up the pieces if something happens to you.  No matter where I am, what I am doing or who I am talking to I will RUN with my own two legs to get to you if I need to."

 I immediately crack up to this because even thought she is not totally in the non-athletic zone. She is definitely not IN the athletic zone. "Thanks a bunch, Sam. Uhh look I have to go" Not really being in the mood to talk to her about this anymore. "I'll call you tomorrow after school and tell you all about my horrific day at school."

"Oh shush you. School will be just like any other school you have been to and yeah okay you better call me tomorrow. I will hunt you down if you don't. Love you and good luck tomorrow you will kill it."

"Love you too." I reply and click the end button on my phone going over to my bed to plug my phone in so it can charge over night. I look at the time and realize that it is 10:23. I quickly grab my pajamas and some undergarments so I can take my shower before I go to sleep. I run into the bathroom and turn the shower on so it can start to warm up. I quickly strip down so I can get the nice warm shower.

School. Thinking about the convocation Sam and I just shared a few seconds ago. What am I going to do? Maybe I can fake being sick so I can stay home. Pfft like my mom would ever let me do that. After finishing in the shower I quickly get out and dry off.  I get dressed, run a cob through my now wet hair, and head on back to my new room. I turn the light off and walk straight over to my bed and I lie down. How am I going to make it through school tomorrow? I think right as I close my eyes to get some sleep.

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