Chapter 11

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"Hello?" It's Elliot. "Oh my goodness what are you doing outside in this weather? Come in come in." I only really say that because he's soaking wet and it's freezing outside.
"Thanks and I came to see you and how you felt from the punch the other day."
"Oh I'm just peachy you can see black and blue on my face to prove it."
"You look fine."
"Yeah right. Anyways is that the only reason you came over?"
"Well I also wanted to see how your doin since I know your parents aren't home and it's thunder storming outside."
"Oh I'm great!! I love thunder storms."
"Really I hate them."
"Well what were you doing?"
"Well I'm kinda tired so I was planning on just curling up in my bed and watching a movie to try to fall asleep."
"Cool." I read his mind he doesn't want to invite himself to hangout but he wants to hangout. I guess I have to do that part.
"Do you want to watch a movie with me?"
"Nah I have to get home. Thanks for the invite." What?!? I thought he wanted to hangout. Well maybe he doesn't want to be so pushy. I'll just watch a movie by myself.
I go upstairs turn my tv in my room and plug in a movie. I wanted to watch one a little bit ago but now I really just want to take a nap.

"Honey? I'm home." I wake up to the sound of my mothers voice calling from the kitchen.
"Hey honey. Oh did I wake you?" She says as she's entering my room.
"No I just woke up a little bit ago." I lied.
"Oh ok well I'm making dinner it will be done soon."
"Okay thanks." I call as she's closing the door to my room. Even though I took a nap I'm still really tired.
"Alex dinners done!" My mom calls up to me ten minutes later. I really didn't want to get out of my bed but I had to. As I'm walking down the stairs I feel my phone buzz but I decide to not look at it cuz I'm almost to the table.
"So how was your day?" My mom asks as I'm sitting down.
"Fine. How about you?"
"It was good. Long very long."
"Yeah same here. At least tomorrow is Thursday!!"
"Yeah! I get to see Sam this weekend."
"Oh really?" My mom says.
"Yeah she's sleeping over. I'm sure her moms gonna stay and talk to you for awhile."
"Your probably right honey."
I look down at my plate. I'm finished eating and so is my mom. I get up to clear my dishes and head upstairs. As I'm plopping down on my bed I look at my phone. It's a text from Elliot.
"Hey I had a really good time today. Thanks for hanging out with me. See ya tomorrow." I don't really think that needs a response to it so I set my phone down. So I can go take my shower.
As I'm getting out of the shower I hear my phone ringing. I really hope it's Sam. I run into my room to go get it. It's Sam! I was right.
"Hey Sam can I call you back in like 10 minutes? I just got out of the shower."
"Okay." She says as I'm hanging up.
I run back into the bathroom to get dressed. I brush threw the knots in my hair in no time. I hang up my towel in the bathroom and run back to my room. I lay down on my bed and dial Sam's number. She picks up on the second ring.
"Hey." She's says to me.
"So how was your day?"
"It was good how about yours?"
"Great. I can't wait for this weekend." She says.
"Me too. I told my mom about how your sleeping over at dinner tonight she says it's totally fine."
"Yay! I can't wait."
"Me neither." Im really excited to see Sam I barely ever get to see her.
"So what did you do after school today?"
"Well Elliot came over because it was thunder storming and my mom wasn't home so he wanted to see if I was okay. And I kinda read his mind he wanted to hangout but he didn't want to ask. So I asked him and he turned me down."
"It's fine maybe he didn't want to be so pushy or hangy."  Sam says.
"Oh phew that's what I thought too. Haha. So what did you do after school?"
"Just came home did my hw, ate dinner, now I'm talking to you. The usual."
"The usual." I say at the exact same time she says. We both start cracking up.
"Well I'm gonna go to bed. I'll talk to you tomorrow Sam. Love you."
"Love you too. Goodnight." And with that I hung up and fell right to sleep.

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