Chapter 5

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I get to school way to fast. Ugh! Nobody is here which I guess is a good thing. Maybe there won't be any bullying today. That would be a miracle. I hate this school. Nobody likes me and my mom doesn't believe that. She thinks I'm going to make friends I just need to give it some time. Only if she were right. I'm pretty sure that nobody is going to do that.
If I was not in this position and in someone else's I would be really nice to them. If they came to a school that I have been in for a long time I would go up and introduce myself. Let them have a friend on the first day of school. If they didn't like me then so what? That's their problem. I was just trying to be nice. If they don't want a friend on the first day of school they can be a nobody like me. Honestly I would mind that because I don't think anybody should be alone. Nobody should have to walk into school everyday having no friends.
I looked out my window as I heard a car engine pull in. As I'm reading what there thinking I notice there thinking about me. "Man I really hope she isn't here today." You want me gone two can play that game. I start the engine to head home. But then Elliot is right by my car. Great.
"Hey where you goin?"
"People don't want me here. Now if you'll excuse me."
" can't just leave me." Man I shouldn't of said that. It makes me sound desperate. I just met her she probably doesn't even like me. Not that I like her. Actually well I don't really even know if I like her or not. All I know is she makes me crazy. So does that count as me liking her? I'm going insane. Aww that is so sweet he thought that about me? Wow. Okay so maybe there is ONE person that wants me here but that probably won't last for long.
"And why can't I?" I say with a smile forming on my face.
"Because I need you for bio."
"I bet you can handle bio by yourself."
"Please." He looked at me with his big brown eyes. I could of just melted. Why? Why me?
"Fine." I get out of my car grab my bag and start walking. Without waiting for Elliot. If he truly does want me here he can catch up. It's not that I don't want to walk with him it's just I don't want people seeing us walking together. They could get the wrong idea. Also that's another thing people can just pick on me about. "Oooohh looks like Alex got herself a friend. I guess we will just have to drive him away from her won't we." That would be terrible. Let alone I dont even know if he really is my "friend".
"Hey wait up!" Elliot calls while I'm deep into my thinking.
"Okay listen." I turn on him while he stumbles back since he wasn't really expecting that. "I'm really good at this game. Your going be like this for awhile. And then your going to start picking on me too. So why don't you just save me the responsibly of having another person hating me on my conscience? Thanks I would appreciate it. Goodbye." He grabs my arm.
"Alex, who ever said I was going to start picking on you? And who has been picking on you?"
"Listen, your very nice, cute, and funny. But your not going to end up liking me for very long, trust me. Nobody does. Just like my first day of school when nobody knew me and they all started picking on me. Happy? Now you know my life. I gotta go." I left him standing in the parking lot speechless.

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