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Chapter 3

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"Mom, I'm home!"
"Hey honey how was school?"
"Just fine. Cmon did you make any friends?"
I feel bad she wants me to make friend so bad. But the truth is I don't. The only friend I need is Sam. Even though she lives miles away. I still only need her. But I decided to lie to my mom and say I did.
"Yes mom I did."
"Really! That's awesome!"
"Look I got hw to do I'll see you in a few."
"Ok love you."
"Love you to."
You see the thing with my mom is she's very protective because my dad isn't usually home. He is usually on business trips. He is away for like 6 weeks at a time. It's brutal.
I really don't have any hw to do since I finished it in class. Nobody talked to me today at school except Elliot. Which I didn't even think that would of happened. It's almost 7 o'clock, Sam is going to be calling me soon. I should probably take my shower before she calls.
As I'm getting out of the shower, my cell phone rings. It's Sam!
"Hey Alex! How was school?"
"Oh you know school."
"Cmon did you talk to anyone?"
"Gasp!!! You talked to a boy!!!"
"How'd you know?"
"By the way you said "well" it's totally obvious. Well spill the details."
"Okay." Pause. "Okay well his names Elliot. He has brown hair and brown eyes. He's at least a head taller then me. And he's really cute and nice. And he's also my bio partner for this year."
"EEEEP!!! Oh Alex I'm so happy for you!!!"
"Thanks Sam."
"So did you guys talk?"
Truth is I didn't really want to talk about it anymore. "Yes we did. But look I have hw to do. I'll call you tomorrow."
"Okay tell me all about it. Love you."
"Love you too."
I decide to pull out my notes from class. And you want to know what I see? A phone number! I wonder who it is? I didn't see anybody write on my paper? Well I guess I should figure it out.

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