Chapter 4

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I decide to text the phone number since I don't really know who it is.
I text, "Uhhh hey"
"Who are you?"
"Elliot who are you?"
I put my phone down because I didn't really expect it to be him. I didn't even see him write on my paper. Oh boy.
"What's up Alex?:)"
What am I suppose to say? I barely ever text anybody. And now I'm texting a boy. And that boy is the one and only Elliot. We just met!!! Ugh this is so complicated. 15 minutes later I respond.
"Just sitting in my room thinking."
"What ya thinking about?"
"Why do you want to know?"
"Because I want to get to know you. So you never answered me. What ya thinking about?"
"Look I'm busy at the moment I'll talk to you tomorrow. Bye."
So that just happened, I thought to myself. I didn't even want to go to school this week because of all the nasty comments I've been hearing about me. And now this boy...ugh!!I look over at my clock. It's 10. I should probably get some sleep but I don't know if I can.

Tuesday. Tuesday Morning. So I did fall asleep. That's a relief. I really don't want to go to school. It's 5:31am. I woke up really early today. I really don't have to get out of bed till 6 but I'm fully awake now.
I head to the bathroom first. I brush my teeth right away. I hate the feeling of morning teeth. It's just gross. Since I actually met someone yesterday, I decide to leave my hair down. One perk of leaving it down is I can also hide my face from people.
As I'm walking to my bedroom I was thinking if I really should try and dress nice today. Hmmm. Yes I shall try. I head to my closet pull out a pair of jeans and a big belt. As I'm walking to my dresser to get a plain black tshirt, I hear my mom just waking up. It's 6 already!! Ugh!
"Alex time to wake up for school." Im already up I think. "Oh wow your already up and dressed. Good for you!"
"I'm almost done up here I'll be down soon." I grabbed my book bag and realized that I didn't check my phone this morning, like I usually do. I see a text from Elliot. Great.
"Good morning."
"Good morning." I stuff my phone into my school bag. I am not going to talk to him in the morning. There's no point. He's gonna end up not liking me sooner or later.
I grab a granola bar from the pantry and stuff it in my bag.
"So how did you sleep?" My mom asked me.
"Are you excited to go to school?" She says.
"I'm thrilled." I say which as much sarcasm I can put into the word.
"It's just school. It will be over in no time."
"Uh yeah I have to go."
"Okay honey have fun!!"
"Bye mom. Love you."
"Love you too!!" As she is saying that I read her mind. She really wants me to have a good time at school today. Well let's hope I do.

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