Chapter 13

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As Elliot and I are both walking into the house I read his mind. He is very concerned about me.
"So what happened back there?" Elliot finally asks as we are walking through the door into my house.
"I-I don't know." I stumble saying the words as the images of my attackers tying me up and punching me replay in my mind. A shiver runs down my spine and I wrap my arms around my stomach. I let out a sharp gasp as I do that. I realize then that I have been punched in the stomach this past week multiple times. Man I'm going to have black and blue bruises all over.
"Are you okay?" Elliot says as he notices my gasp.
"Yeah just a little sore you know. I've been punched a lot this past week."
"I'm sorry."
"Yeah me to. My first week at my new school and I already have a "Hate Alex Club" but I guess that's life you know?" I'm not really in the mood for talking anymore. So I quickly think maybe I'll escape to my room for a little to just lay down. "Hey uhh I'll be right back." I say to Elliot as I'm already walking away from him towards my room.
When I open the door to my room I notice it smells like home. I mean it's a safe place to be. I'm glad I'm in here right now, safe at home. I throw my book bag down on the floor next to my bed. I took my jeans off and decided to put a pair of sweats on. My head is starting to hurt from getting hit there so I yank my hair out of my bun and let it flow freely. It feels so good. Then I remember Elliot is still downstairs. Ugh I'm so tired I just want to lay down and go to bed.
I walk out of my door and head to where Elliot is. He's sitting nicely on my couch in the living room.
"Hi." I say as I'm walking to sit down next to him.
"Hello. I see you've changed." Elliot says as his chocolatey brown eyes look me up from head to toe.
"Yes. It's more comfortable." I say because I can't think of any other thing to say.
"So whats up?"
"Nothing much just hanging out with this guy named Elliot. How bout you?"
"Hanging out with a girl named Alexis."
"I know and she's pretty cool."
"Well duh." I blushed when he says that and I think he noticed.
"So how bout we play a game?"
"What kind of game?"
"I don't know. got any ideas?"
Let's see I know a ton of games I say to myself like he's not here. I know hide n seek, the game called sleep, a game called guess who's going to pick on Alex next. That's all I got and I'm pretty sure he wouldn't want to play them.
"No I got none." I finally say.
"Actually I think you do because you had that look in your eyes."
"What look in my eye?" I burst out.
"That look you get when you get an idea but don't want to say it."
"You've been watching me."
"I like to watch people I find interesting. And your very well interesting."
"Err thanks?" I say after I finished laughing.
"No problem." He said.
I'm really tired. I feel like falling asleep. It's only 7 but I still need to take a shower, finish my homework and call Sam. It feels like I haven't talked to Sam forever!
"Hey Elliot it's getting kinda late and I have some things to do before I go to bed. So how about we play a game another day? Also it's still a school day tomorrow." And I also have to clean because Sam is going to be here tomorrow.
"Okay I guess I will see you at school. Goodbye Alexis."
"Goodbye Elliot."

After Elliot left I got right to my homework. I finished it in no time. I'm glad because I really want to talk to Sam. I decided to call her as I flopped down onto my bed. Sam picks up her phone on the second ring.
"Hey girlie." I say into the phone.
"Hey Alex! Oh my goodness I'm sooo excited for this weekend. Oh my goodness!!!"
"Haha me too Sam! I'm so excited. I haven't really figured anything out that we're going to do but even if we can't come up with something we always end up enjoying each other's company! Even if enjoying each other's company means that the both of us are our phones or doing our own thing."
"Got that right. We could be together forever not even talking to each other and yet we feel complete."
"That's because we love each other and we are each other's other half."
"We are inseparable."
"Your mom knows your coming over right?"
"Yeah she does. Do you want me over Friday night or Saturday?" She asks me.
"How bout Friday night that way I have something to look forward to for after school."
"Right same. Oh by the way how has school been? You haven't said anything on what's been happening."
"I'll tell you all about what has happened tomorrow when you get here. It's way to long to say on the phone." Remembering that I haven't even told her what happened earlier
"Okay I'll hold your word for it."
We got to talking about boring kinds of stuff. Like what we ate for breakfast lunch and dinner, what the latest book we have read and a lot of other stuff. Really we talked about whatever came to our mind. By the time I looked at my clock again it was 10 o'clock!!!
"Hey Sam I have to go to bed I'll see you tomorrow. I can't wait! Love you."
"Love you too!" Sam said right before she ended the call.
As I put my phone in my charger I lay in my bed with my eyes shut. I really want to go to sleep but my brain won't shut off. It just keeps replaying what happened earlier. What if that happens again? What if next time I get severely hurt? What if...oh my goodness I'm thinking like a lunatic!!!
By 10:30 I'm still not asleep. Goodness gracious I hate it when I can't fall asleep. I like to be asleep by like 10 to 10:15 at the latest. Especially if it's a school night. Why can't I fall asleep? I got up out of my bed to go fetch my phone. I texted Sam.
Hey you up? I get a reply almost instantly.
Sam: Yeah can't sleep. How about you? Why you up?
Alex: Can't sleep either.
Sam: Haha what's wrong with us?
Alex: Anything and everything.:)
Sam: I'm going to try to fall back asleep. Night Alex:)
Alex: Night Sam:) Great so my distraction from sleeping isn't going to work. Maybe I'll read a book. I grab a book from the floor by my bed. I always have a book there thank goodness. The book that just happened to be by my bed tonight is On The Fence By Kasie West. It's such a good book I've read it twice in the last week. I pick up from where I started. Half an hour later I set it down on the floor to try to get some sleep. I pull my covers over my head and instantly fall asleep.

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