Chapter 3

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Johns pov

We eventually get into bed, making out for a lil bit and then cuddling, falling asleep soon after.

I wake up with dave out of bed, brushing his teeth. I walk up over to him and kiss him on the cheek.

He gives me a spare tooth brush and I brush my teeth. Finishing and taking a quick shower after him. I borrow one of his shirts since he has so many, and some spare jeans.

He takes me downstairs to where his guardian is sitting down, only in boxers.

"God dammit bro, I told you not to wear this when a fuckin guest is over" dave shouts and walks by him pushing him playfully. His caretaker laughs and walks out of the room with a bottle of apple juice.

"Finally....." Dave mutters, and then looks at me. "What do you want to eat?" He asks.

"Well what do you have...?" I ask back.

"Apple oatmeal, waffles, pancakes, cereal, poptarts...."

"I'll have a poptart" I say and sit down. He nods and gets two poptarts out putting them in the toaster and getting two plates out.

"What do you want to drink?" He says while getting some apple juice for himself.

"Aj" I say and smile.
He smiles back and does so giving me some aj and getting the poptarts out and putting them on the plates; giving one too me and one too him.

He puts his aj in the air and clinks it with mine, "to a good breakfast" he laughs and starts eating.

I laugh as well with him and then I eat, finishing a while after him.

"Welp, do you want me to drive you home... Or do you want to do something else...?" He asks.

"I guess you can drive me home" I say and he nods. Grabbing his coat and waiting for me, until I'm ready and we hop into his car; him driving me home.

"That was great..." I say, and kiss him.
He blushes and smiles.

"It was" and then I leave, entering my house.

Happy Easter!! I hope you guys enjoyed this! Thank you for all the support! 💕 be ready for more pepsicola soon 🌚

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