Chapter 5

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Johns Pov

I wake up, scratch my eyes and look around. It's still dark out but I'm not tired, so I just get up.

I walked to the bathroom and turn on the light, rubbing my eyes.

I turn the sink on and squeeze the toothpaste onto my toothbrush, putting it under water and then brushing my teeth. I turn off the water and walk towards my room, picking up my phone.

"Two texts from 💕Strider💕"

I open my phone and go to my texts, looking at what he had to say.

"John there's been a fire at my house and I don't think my bro will be alright, I need somewhere to go"

"You were my first option"

I gasped covering my mouth with shock, breathing quickly.

I text him back.

"Of course! I can supply you with clothes, come over when you can... I can come get you if I need too!"

I put my phone down and fall back into my bed.
I can't even imagine the pain he's going through.... If I lost my dad.... I wouldn't be alright AT ALL...

Sorry my chapters are so short omg... I promise I'll update soon 💕

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