Chapter 2

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Johns pov

The next morning I got on my phone and texted dave, telling him good morning, I then got breakfast and got myself cleaned up.

He asked me if I wanted to hangout at his place, I of course said yes and put some clothes on, walking out the door.

I walked to his house, (I had gotten directions too it) and eventually made it there.

I knocked on the door and a tall man with a grey hat a fingerless gloves opened the door.

"Um... Is dave here?" I asked

The tall man looked me up and down and then shouted for dave. Dave yelling back "I'll be down in a minute!"

The man let me in and shut the door.

"Sooooo, I hear you and dave are all kissy kissy ey?" He grins at me.

I blush and look at the wall
"It's not like that!" I say studdering.

"Sureeee.... You want some aj?" He says.

I look at him, "aj?" I ask.

"Apple juice." He says back taking a bottle of apple juice out.

"Oh uh, no thanks" I say And he shrugs, taking one for himself and making his way upstairs.

Eventually dave comes down.

"Sorry I took so long" he says and grabs an aj from the fridge.

"It's fine" I say and smile.

"Mario kart?" He asks. I nod and we sit down in his living room, where he turns on the wii, and gives me my remote. We play forever until it's dark out and it ends up with Doritos and aj everywhere, including that dave had won by one race.

"You want to spend the night..?" He asks. I look at him for a second then nod, texting my dad where I'd be.

After I put my phone away dave instantly went in for a kiss, pinning me to the ground. He wrapped his arms around me and I wrapped mine around him. Our tongues fought for dominance, me eventually winning. He let go and smiled at me.

"John" he said.

"Yes?" I said back.

"I love you man." He blushes and kiss me again.

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