Chapter 9

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Daves pov

After John had made the delightful breakfast, I went up stairs, leaving him to finish his own breakfast.

The whole house was cold and it was rather cold outside so I made my way up the icy cold stairs quickly, going into johns room.

I was just about to look around to see what I could find for clothing before I noticed something I hadn't before. On a chair by the bed there was a small sweater with black skinny jeans. I smiled and picked it up, only to have a letter fall out of the sweater. It said:
I went out and bought these for you.. I hope they fit! You can borrow my boxers if you'd like! -John

I placed the letter down and blushed at the fact that he was letting me borrow his..... Boxers.

Why was he so goddamn thoughtful all the time. I went over to his drawer and grabbed the nearest pair of boxers, considering I didn't really want to see the others... I was already invading his personal space enough, and slipped them on after getting undressed. I tripped getting the skinny jeans on and instantly got up. Thank god John wasn't here to see me trip.

He would have laughed his ass off.... But I'd probably do the same vice-versa.

With my pants on, I slipped my shirt over my head and adjusted it. I reached for my sunglasses and put them on, going into the bathroom and freshening up a bit and brushing my teeth.

Finally I made my way downstairs to where John was. He was smiling and he was washing his and my dishes.

I sat down at the table and tapped my hands on the table, waiting for him to be done.

"So.. Dave... The hospital called"

My stomach dropped and my heart started to beat quickly, my eyes widened, only focusing on him right now.

"W-what.. What did they say..??" I stuttered out, holding onto the end of my shirt my hands fidgeting.

"They said your brother is fine. He's in a good condition to visit right now.. So I was wondering if you wanted me to drive you over there... I'm sure he'd love to see how your doing... Considering how he's been feeling lately."

I let out a sigh of relief. Looking at John.

"Yeah.... Yeah.. I'd love that." I smiled, at him.

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