Chapter Eleven

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Arlean directed her steps to the drop ship, telling herself not to fixate over the fact that she'd told Bellamy some of her deepest secrets, allowed him to see into her.

But not all of them. She hadn't told him all of them.

She stalked up the ramp, aware that Clark could and most possibly would be in there. She pushed aside the curtain and gazed upon Miara, sleeping on the table, her wound bandaged. Clark wasn't anywhere to be seen and Arlean exhaled gratefully.

Bellamy had gone off, probably in search of Octavia and Arlean relished the time to herself. She looked up at the sky and decided her speech for the 100 would have to wait until tom marrow. She herself needed time to think over what that arrow wound meant. And the fact that arrows could only be fired by people.


"Okay everybody, I need you to stay calm." Bellamy half yelled, half ordered the crowd of kids gathering. "We are aware of what the arrow wound means. Miara is going to be find, the wound wasn't fatal. She just needs rest and time to heal."

"But what this means, is that we are going to need to set up fortifications around our camp, sort of like a wall." Arlean explained. "We're also going to want ways to defend ourselves so Bellamy and I will be making weapons in hopes of teaching all of you basic defenses. Also," Arlean sighed and glanced out towards the woods. "We'll need to postpone our trip to Mount Weather. Its not safe for us to leave."

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