Chapter Eight

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The next morning after waking up, Bellamy dragged the deer to the middle of the camp, bringing it to Finn.

The sun was streaking gold across the pink sky and it was one of the most amazing sights Bellamy had seen.

Finn held the deer in his hands as he looked up at Bellamy in surprise. "When did you go hunting, and how do you know how to hunt?"

"Well, Arlean and I went last night." He shrugged. "They had books on the Ark to read. I tracked it, Arlean killed it. Apparently she knows how to hang it up and preserve it and all that too."

"Really?" Finn scratched his head. "There's a lot she can do that we don't know about. Hell, we don't even really know her at all. I don't ever remember seeing her on the Ark."

Now that Bellamy thought about it, he never remembered seeing her either, but with Octavia he wasn't really out paying attention.

"You should see her with a knife," he muttered quietly as Finn walked away.

"Ready?" He felt a tap on shoulder and Arlean was behind him. She gestured to the deer, which Finn had brought over to the fire.

Bellamy stood with arms crossed as he watched Arlean with at least a group of twenty teens behind her to watch. The majority of the girls scattered when she cut open and gutted the deer, spilling its insides on the grounds. By the time she was done only at least six people were left that were able to follow through with the deed.

Arlean wiped off her hands and stood up. "We're gonna need more meat." She told Bellamy. "And we're gonna have to teach some people to hunt."

She started walking away and Bellamy caught up with her. "Uh quick question, where'd you learn to do that?"

She shrugged, "Same way you and I learned to hunt. Books."

He stopped her, and placed a hand on her shoulder. "Yeah, but you don't learn to throw a knife like you did last night in a book."

She glanced away from his face. "No, I didn't learn to do that in a book."

"Then where-"

Bellamy's question was cut off by a blood curdling scream.

"What the hell was that?" Arlean asked, turning on her heel and breaking in to a sprint back to the camp with Bellamy close behind.

They shoved through the cluster gathered around a teen kneeling on the ground.

"What happened?" Bellamy asked one of the girls on the ground beside her.

"Miara and I were just out in the woods when suddenly- thi-this happened." The girl- who Bellamy knew's name was Terran- sobbed.

Arlean frowned. "Its an arrow wound," she muttered. "Where's Clark? We need her now in the drop ship. Everyone back away, we need to move her into the ship. Bellamy," Arlean gestured for him to help.

He unfroze himself and crouched down next to her.

"Is she going to be okay?" Terran asked.

"We'll do our best." Arlean told her.

"Everyone needs to stay in the camp, and in groups until we figure this out." Bellamy ordered everyone as they careful transported the girl into the ship. They pulled the curtain across the entry way, and Bellamy told a few of the kids to make sure no one entered after them.

They set Miara down on a makeshift table as she wept in pain.

"We need Clark," Bellamy thought he never would've heard that come from Arlean.

Arlean looked up at Bellamy.

"Or else she's not going to make it."

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