Chapter Twelve

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"Yeah, that'll be good. Nice job." Arlean nodded her head as they finished constructing the final wall surrounding their camp.

Bellamy nodded in agreement. "This looks great guys. Okay, I don't want anyone going outside the wall without checking with either of us," He gestured to himself and Arlean. "And if you do leave, it should be in a group of two or more. Got it?"

The 100 nodded in agreement and dispersed seeing as it was already evening time. Miara was recovering well, thanks to Clark's constant medical attention.

More than Arlean and Bellmay cared to admit; Clark was good at what she did and could probably save lives. But she'd disappeared not sticking around to help construct the walls.

The weapons training had gone well, so far many of the kids were able to successfully wield a spear and bow and arrow. Arlean seemed to be the only one to have the knack for throwing knives though.

He turned to ask Arlean if they were hunting tonight, but she was gone. He scanned the clearing looking for her, but she wasn't anywhere to be found. He shrugged it off, heading over to Octavia and making sure she fully grasped the concept of not going outside the walls without his permission.

That done, he headed to the drop ship, checking in on Miara again who was awake with Terran visiting her. Clark, Wells and Finn seemed to be missing from the scene though. Along with Arlean.

The growing feeling of unease was building in his stomach.

He defiantly didn't trust Clark, and Wells he wasn't so sure about. But he knew Arlean could take care of herself. But he wasn't a big fan of Finn either, though out of the three, he was the most trustworthy.

He paced back and forth near the edge of the camp, until finally he saw figures moving near the entrance. Jogging over, he beheld Arlean and Finn both supporting Wells, dragging him back into the camp.

"What the hell happened?" Bellamy barked, reaching to take Arlean's position who immediately turned around and scanned the woods behind them.

"Grounders," Finn grunted.

"Grounders are what they've started calling whoever is attacking us." Arlean explained over her shoulder. Finally deciding she was satisfied, she turned back around, concealing her knives beneath her jacket again.

"What were you doing out there?" Bellamy questioned as they stumbled up the ramp. They heaved Wells down on the table.

"Arlean was helping me track," Finn cast a wary glance in Bellamy's direction. "Wells wasn't supposed to be there. He was following us, I think. We turn around and then Wells was on the ground with a slit across his stomach."

Bellamy leaned on the edge of the table, his grip tightening.

Finn fell quiet and Arlean turned back to the two of them. "Clark's coming."

Clark burst through the curtain, and her eyes fell on Wells.

"Oh no, Oh my gosh, no." She pressed her hand to her mouth, running over to the table.

"Its not that deep of a cut, he'll be fine." Arlean spoke up.

Clark turned to her, eyes gleaming. "Like you care, this is your fault!"

Arlean stayed quiet before turning and softly leaving the drop ship.

After a minute of consulting, Bellamy left too.

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