Chapter One

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Arlean kept her head down, her brown eyes dark enough to be black. She didn't need to know any other information other than she was being sent to Earth.

She allowed the guards to escort her through the halls, though she thought five guards for one person was a bit overkill.

The cells surrounding her were empty, ones that had just held Confined teens a few short thirty minutes ago. As they neared the area where Arlean knew the drop ship would be, she lowered her head even more. She didn't know if the other prisoners would recognize or even know who she was. But she wasn't willing to take a chance.

The guards pushed her up the slanted ramp and onto the ship. There were already numerous teens strapped to the inside. She stepped on the steel floor and was pushed towards the only empty seat left.

Alrean paused to give the guard who shoved her a dirty look over he shoulder and he immediately backed off.

Rookies, she thought wryly, Even they know who I am.

She slid into the seat and pulled the strap across her chest. She clicked the leather buckle and once the guard was satisfied, he walked away.

The door hissed and sealed shut behind him. A voice sounded over the speakers. "The 100 are on board and prepared for departure." The voice repeated the message but Arlean tuned it out.

She cast a glance around the ship. They were all confined teenagers, not a single adult on board.

Idiots, she shook her head, thinking of the council and the chancellor. They were all idiots.

The drop ship had begun rumbling and before Arlean knew it, they had left the Ark behind.

"Hey look!" One of the kids yelled.

Arlean followed the voice to match a dark-haired boy who was no longer in his seat. He was waving his arms about and floating throughout the ship.

"I'm Spacewalker!" He yelled, throwing his hands above his head.

He floated by a blonde haired girl, with a frown on her face.

"Finn," she hissed. "You need to get back in your seat, right now. Somebody could get hurt!"

They didn't pay her any attention though, as two more boys un-clicked their seat belts and followed Finn's actions.

"Light'n up , Clark!" Finn pushed off one of the walls, ricocheting back and forth.

Arlean rolled her eyes at them, staying silent. She knew the blond haired girl- Clark- was right. They were going to get hurt, even killed, but she wasn't about to speak up. Besides as she saw it- three less people to get in her way or take up food on Earth.

Suddenly the ship rumbled and shook. The heat increased inside the small cabin and Arlean knew they were entering the atmosphere.

"Get back in your seats!" Clark yelled as the tension intensified.

Finn made a wild grab for a seat belt and latched onto it.

Arlean was unable to spot the other two boys as the drop ship's shaking increased, and the blue and green sphere of the Earth came into view.

The kids screamed as the ship hurtled at break necking speed towards the cloudy surface of the planet. Arlean gripped the edges of the seat.

Suddenly a scream vibrated over the noise and a heavy object flew past her. She fought against the G-force and turned her head to the side. She realized the object had been a body. But not Finn's someone else's- one of the other boys.

One gone. Ninety nine left.

Suddenly the ship dropped sickeningly and picked up speed. Arlean knew they were nearing the planet's surface.

And then there was a gut-wrenching shriek of metal and they touched the floor. The drop ship bounced and spun as they hurtled across the ground, hitting everything in their path.

Finally the ship gave one last shudder and stilled. The cabin smelled of smoke and exhaust mixed with blood, sweat and fear. Everyone was quiet for a moment before the flurry of unfastening seat belts occurred and people crowded near the ramp.

"Wait!" A voice yelled. Arlean turned to see Clark fighting her way to the front. What was it with this girl?

"The air could be toxic still!" She halted the commotion.

Arlean shoved past people until she stood in front of Clark. "The air is clean, we can go outside."

"How would you know that?" Clark asked, focusing her attention on Arlean. She dipped her head, hoping Clark wouldn't know her.

"We can't stay locked up in here anyways." A voice came from behind. Arlean turned to see a another guy standing behind her. His brown eyes locked with her's, but he showed no recognition.

His gaze moved away from her's as he fastened his gaze on something else. "Octavia!" He said, almost not believing himself.

A girl turned around that was standing at the edge of the crowd. Her eyes and features looked startlingly alike the boy behind her.

"Bellamy?" She asked, hesitantly before taking a step forward and the two enveloped in a hug.

"Can you two do this later?" A voice called from the back. "We just wanna get out of here."

"I haven't seen my sister in three years! You can shut the hell up!" Bellamy yelled back.

"This is freaking ridiculous," Arlean muttered shoving past the hugging siblings and walking up to Clark. Arlean reached for the button.

"Hey!" Clark yelped, reaching to shove her away.

Arlean, lifted her head and stared Clark down. "I wouldn't do that if I were you."

Clark's eyes widened in recognition as she backed away.

Arlean sent her a wry smile. "Thank you."

Then she pressed the button and the drop ship's ramp slowly unfurled.

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