Chapter Two

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The first thing Arlean felt was the sunlight on her face. Then she breathed in the air. Real air, fresh and pure and clean. It was the most amazing experience she'd ever felt in her life.

And she knew by the screams and shouts of the 100 behind her, that they were feeling it too.

They scattered in different directions, yelling in jubilee.

Arlean turned back to the drop ship where only four people were left. They were crowded around something, and when Clark turned around, Arlean realized it was a map.

Did that girl ever rest? Arlean turned back around, but then she felt an arm on her arm.

"Come in the drop ship." Arlean recognized that voice anywhere.

"Wells." She hissed and spun around, planting a fist firmly across his face.

Wells rolled back on his feet, but before Arlean could hit him again, another pair of arms wrapped around her and dragged her in the direction of the drop ship. They entered inside, and went to the back.

"Let go of me!" Arlean spat and the person released her. Arlean realized it was Bellamy. Clark, Finn and Wells were there crowded around the map again.

"What the hell were you doing?" Bellamy asked Arlean, shoving her against the wall.

She caught her breath and ignored his question as she focused her gaze on Wells again.

"Arlean, listen-" Wells started.

"Don't say my name!" Arlean yelled, attempting launch herself at him.

"Hey!" Bellamy shouted, stepping between the two. "What the hell is wrong with you?"

Arlean shoved him away again, with a dark scowl.

"She's a criminal." Clark spoke up who had been watching the exchange with her arms folded.

"News flash, princess." Arlean hissed. "We're all criminals here."

Bellamy looked back at Arlean, frowning but agreeing. "Yeah, Clark. What makes her any different?"

"She's a murder. That's what." Clark declared from her side of the ship.

"Oh please." Arlean sneered. "If you want to really accuse someone of murder, then just talk to Wells. He should know it well enough."

She straightened up and started walkinv towards the exit. "Don't touch me," she hissed when Bellamy tried to stop her. She shouldered Wells out of the way in the process.

"Well, that went nicely," Flinn noted sarcastically from the back.

Wells just shook his head and turned back to Clark and Finn, but Bellamy tuned out the rest of their debate.

Instead, he left the ship, following the way Arlean had gone.
He wanted to know who she was.

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