Chapter Sixteen

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The first guard approached Arlean with a knife and she drew away. He raised the knife to her neck and made a downward slice.

"Arlean!" Bellamy yelled but Arlean was unscathed.

The man had cut off her shirt instead. (A/N for all you dirty minded people, she has a short tank top on underneath, like a sport bra.)

Alrean shuddered when she realized what had happened. Images flashed before her eyes, it was too like her prison experience back on the Ark. The angry guards had taken her and restrained her like this, and surrounded her like this. The captain was especially angry, and had cut away her shirt. They left her with marks, reminders of the encounters and what they'd done.

The same scars that covered her stomach, sides and back. The same scars Bellamy was staring at with wide eyes, a look of mortification in his eyes.

The guard paused his eyes on her abdomen. "You must be a warrior among your people. Only a warrior can survive scars like those." Respect flashed in his eyes as he looked at her, while the other guard cut off Bellamy's shirt.

"I'm truly sorry, then. If you just answer our questions, this will be over sooner." The guard stepped back, resuming his hard exterior. "Were is your weapons stash?"

Arlean lifted her head, her breathing coming in short gasps as she fought to keep the flashbacks way. "We don't have any weapons."

The guard punched her face again. "We know you're lying. Tell us where they are!"

Arlean shook her head. "We don't have any weapons, we're just a bunch of teenagers!"

The guard sighed, before delivering a swift kick to her gut, where Clark had hit her before.

Arlean let out a strangled cry and sank down against the ropes.

"Stop!" Bellamy yelled, "Stop, don't hit her! Punish me, punish me instead," the guards exchanged looks before walking to Bellamy's side of the tent.

Arlean just focused on breathing without passing out. She was beginning to think he'd cracked her ribs. But she couldn't let Bellamy take the brunt of their blows.

Every question they asked, either wasn't true about the 100 or they didn't know the answer to. These answers seemed to make the guards think they were lying.

"Tell me the truth!" The guard struck her opposite side, making the pain flare up.

"We are telling you the truth!" Bellamy shouted, wincing. "Our own people tied us to that tree, turned us in! We wouldn't have any reason to lie!"

"It could have been a set up," the second guard drew back his fist, but the first guard held him back.

"We need to report to the Commander. We're getting nowhere. Cut them loose and seal the tent."

They sliced through the ropes and Arlean fell to the ground, groaning as she fell back on the packed earth.

Bellamy shook his head, as he made his way over to her, pulling her head into his lap and leaning back against the wall of the hut. "They're going to kill us."

"Well, we're not dead yet." Arlean grunted, pushing a hand to her side.

"You might be soon," Bellamy muttered. They fell into a silence, only broken by Arlean's ragged breathing.

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