Chapter Five

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They took up the chant and Arlean resisted the urge to scream no.

Clark seemed to be agreeing at the moment with Arlean. "She's a criminal! A murderer!"

And just like that, Arlean's whole mood shifted. Criminal she was fine with being called, but murderer?

That was across the line. She wanted to deck Clark there in front of everyone, but she knew she couldn't. She needed a better way of revenge for that. So she did the only thing she could think of to spite Clark.

"Enough!" She yelled pushing aside Clark. "You want your leader? You got me." She said.

Cheers erupted from the 100.

Arlean massaged her forehead wondering what the hell she'd just gotten herself into.

"Okay, okay! Quiet!" The crowd fell silent again.

"Regardless of who is in charge, we need to set up a way of living for now." Arlean told group. "We can't survive by just mindlessly running around."

Arlean spent the next half an hour organizing the group, sorting people by their talents, and setting up working stations and shelter building under way. By the time Arlean was satisfied, and everyone had retired for the night, her voice was half gone and her head hurt. But for the first time in a while she felt... at peace. Like she had a purpose. Like she mattered.

Like she had something to live for.

"I can't believe you did that." Bellamy's voice came from behind her.

"I can't believe they listened to me." She muttered.

"Well they did and the good news is that they don't want to kill you anymore." Bellamy folded his arms behind his head.

She shook her head, "Pretty sure Clark wants to kill me. This is exhausting."

"Hmm. Sounds like it. You're doing good though. I can help if you want." Bellamy said.

Arlean grinned.  "The Ark's two top criminals running the little community down here. Won't they be surprised when they come back."

Bellamy chuckled picking up on her train of thought. "How'd you know I was one of the top criminals?" He asked turning to her suddenly.

She shrugged. "You shot the chancellor to get on the drop ship. I'm guessing for Octavia." Bellamy's nod confirmed it and she continued. "I'm pretty sure that makes you above me then." She added with a wry smile. "What I wouldn't have given to have been in your place and pulled the trigger." Her smile had faded and she was staring off into the forest.

"You uh you reacted differently when Clark called you a murderer." Bellamy had been going over the moment in his head for a while now. He recalled the change in Arlean's face and posture. "That's what made you take the position."

Arlean didn't respond so Bellamy concluded this to be a yes.

"What makes you so mad about being called murderer, its the same as being called a criminal."

She still didn't face him, she just slowly said, "But its not, Bellamy. Its not the same."

He stayed quiet from a minute.

"So I'm guessing you were confined for murder then?"

Arlean stayed as still as a stone, not moving a muscle. Bellamy wondered for a minute if she was breathing.

Then so quietly, he though he'd imagined it, she said,


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