Chapter Six

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Bellamy jerked his head around and spotted Finn jogging over towards them. "Oh, and Bellamy, I guess. Clark wants you guys to come to the drop ship so she can talk."

"So she can talk?" Arlean climbed from the ground. "Or interrogate?"

Finn paused for a moment. "Your guess is as good as mine."

Arlean sighed and Bellamy followed as Finn led them both back up the ramp. They climbed the ladder to the second floor where Clark was waiting.

"Finally!" She exclaimed, throwing her hands up. "What have you been doing? And Bellamy can't be here." She stated.

"Actually he can, we're both leaders of this little community or whatever you want to call it." Arlean stepped off the ladder rung and straightened up.

"Oh this is great, just great." Clark held her head in her hands. "We have two criminals in charge over everyone. This is a disaster."

"Clark, I think that's a little extreme." Wells stepped out from the shadows and Arlean swore at herself for not noticing him before.

"Yeah," Finn agreed, "I mean the term 'criminal' has many different degrees. I'm a criminal because I broke a main law back on the Ark. But I'm not a bad person, I did it for somebody I care about."

"Do any of you even know what she did? What her crime was?" Clark asked, turning on all of them.

"Clark, I don't think you have the right to tell any of us that stuff. If Arlean wants to do it then she will," Bellamy spoke up.

"Then why won't she? What's she hiding?" Clark said furiously.

"We're all hiding something." Arlean spoke up quietly, already for seeing where this conversation was going. If Clark wanted them all to confess their crimes; they were going to have a huge fight.

Bellamy had shot Wells's father, a crime only Arlean knew of because she was the last on the drop ship and saw the aftermath. Wells didn't know and if he found out- well then the results wouldn't be pretty.

Arlean also didn't know what would happen if they found out the truth about her crime either.

It was a huge disaster, Arlean realized, one she and Bellamy had to solve because they were in charge.

"Okay, listen." Arlean stood up. "Clark, Finn and-" she struggled to get out his name. "-Wells, you can say anything you want in here or out there." She pointed outside the dropship to the camp. "But the truth is the rest of the 100 have decided to follow us." She gestured to Bellamy and herself. "And I have a feeling they'll listen to us no matter what you do."

Clark scowled and set her jaw but she knew Arlean was right. She turned on her heel, shoving past Arlean and Bellamy and climbing down the ladder.

"I can see we're already all going to be friends." Finn clapped his hands sarcastically. "Bedtime."

"Arlean," Wells came out from behind the shadows and placed a hand on her shoulder. Before he could say anything else, Arlean spun around grabbing his arm, twisting around his wrist.

Wells groaned as he fell on knee to the ground with his arm twisted behind him back. Arlean leaned down close to his ear.

"If you ever touch me again, I'll snap your arm and leave you like those guards back on the Ark."

She released him and stepped away without looking back and scaled down the ladder quickly. Bellamy watched Wells for a minute before following Arlean.

"You're not going to sleep in one of the shelters?" Bellamy asked when he finally found her underneath a tree.

"Nope," She said without opening an eye. "Clark will probably try to murder me in my sleep."

"I doubt it." Bellamy chuckled laying down across from her. He debated going to find Octavia or not, but decided against it. She needed her freedom.

He turned to ask Arlean another question, but she was asleep.

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