Lion or Dragon?!!

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Setting- A week after the last chapter

Nobody's POV.
Mitsuki was thinking of what they were going to have for dinner when she realized that they haven't been out as a family in a while with both her and Masaru busy with work. With that realization she made a dinner reservation at a family favorite "The Rainforest Cafe" (yes I know that is in San Francisco), now she is just waiting for Masaru to get home.

Bakugou POV.
I was in my room playing on my IPad when Mommy came in. All she said was "Get dressed bud we are going out", I started smiling after I heard that because it's been forever since we have been somewhere to eat.

I hurried as quick as I can to get dressed, I picked out an orange shirt with black overalls. 'Should I bring my lion or dinosaur stuffie'...

I CAN'T CHOOSE, so I did the only thing I can think of... "MOOOOOMMMMYYYY" as soon as I stopped yelling I heard rushed footsteps coming towards my room. "What?! What is it?! Is something wrong? Are you hurt?"Mommy panted heavily from all the running upstairs. It was kinda funny but I felt bad for making her worry.

I turned to her with my most innocent face and puppy dog eyes and asked "Mommy dragon or Lion?", "you- you called me up here for that?" Mommy asked. "Ummm yup" I say as if it were already obvious, as soon as that came out of my mouth we heard a familiar "I'm home". With that we went downstairs to greet Daddy.

We were getting ready to go when I realized I still haven't made a decision on a stuffie.

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