Potty Training?!

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Nobody POV.
Everybody thinks that Bakugou Katsuki is aggressive and loud, and for the most they are right, but what they don't know is that the Bakugou they know is just a mask that he uses to hide his true self. The real Bakugou Katsuki is soft and cuddly. The real Bakugou Katsuki likes to be carried like a toddler, plays with toys and stuffies, sleeps with a nightlight, wears onesies, and uses sippy cups. He even wears pull-ups because he can't control his bladder. The real Bakugou Katsuki liked to be babied.

Bakugou's POV.
I woke up from my nap feeling familiar wetness in the padding between my legs. "Mommy~" I whined, and not even a minute later I heard my door open and saw Mommy walk in. She looks at me and says "Hi, baby boy, what's wrong?". I look at her with a slight pout on my face and say "I wen' 'potty'', I make grabby hands at her, so she picks me up and sets me on top of my changing mat.

Mommy goes to the closet and gets out a fresh pull-up for me, then she begins to change me. "Hey baby, don't you think it's time to try potty training again", she asks I then look at her with a confused look on my face "why?" I ask, "because you're in high school now bubba you have to start trying to use the big boy potty now" Mommy replies. When I hear that I start to tear up because being a 'big boy' is too hard, "ohh~ baby don't cry Mommy won't force you but, is it okay to try just for a week," she says as she is now rocking me back and forth in her arms. "o-okay but only a week" I say as I calm down, "okay baby, oh oh actually I have an idea that I think you're going to like'' she exclaimed excitedly, I sniff "wha- what is it" I ask, Mommy then stands up while motioning for me to follow her.

Mitsuki's POV.
I walk down stairs with Katsuki not too far behind me. When we reach the living room I hear Kat ask, "Where's Daddy?" "he's at work firecracker", I reply "oh" Kat says as we step into the kitchen. "So I bought this to make potty training a little more fun for you" I said as I held up a sticker chart that had 'Kit-Kats potty chart' written at the top. "What is it for?" Kats asks with a seriously adorable confused look on his face, "it's for every time you use the potty instead of your pull-up or have an accident. It's also for when you be a big boy and tell Mommy or Daddy when you have to go instead of holding it" I explain.

"also everytime you accomplish one of those goals you get a sticker-'' as I'm explaining I can see stars in his eyes "- and when all the spaces are full for one week you get a small reward, but when the whole cart is full you get a big reward" Kat is basically vibrating with excitement now. "But what happens if I use the pull-up or have an accident?" he asks silently "if you use the pull-up you don't get a sticker and if you have an accident you get a sticker taken away" as I'm saying this I can see him visibly deflate, "but since it's the first week we are doing this so I won't be too hard on you" I say smiling. He nods an 'okay' then we get lunch started.

Nobody POV.
During lunch Kat had a sippy cup full of apple juice. "Do you want to try to use the potty hun" Mitsuki asks, Kat gave a hesitant nod with a matching set of grabby hands. Mitsuki chuckles then goes and picks Kat up, they head to the restroom. Once in the restroom Katsuki hesitates to sit on the toilet claiming that it's "scary", after a little reassurance he pulls down his pants along with his Pull-up and sits down.

~Little time skip brought to you by Gon's fishing rod~

When they are back downstairs Mitsuki pulls out a sheet of little shiny explosion stickers. Katsuki picks one and places it on the chart with a huge smile on his face.

Thank You for reading the first chapter of this series. This was pretty long but some will be short. If you have any ideas or request I am open to any suggestion.❤️

This can be seen as a little-space story or just a Bakugou acting like a baby story. There will also only be PLATONIC relationships because as of right now I am not good a writing romantic stuff.😁

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