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💥🍒Bakugo Katsuki Oneshots🍒💥 by TakaBinary
💥🍒Bakugo Katsuki Oneshots🍒💥by 🦇Stiles/Taka🦇
just a much of fluff and littlespace and a lot of ships too and Bakugo being cute and other stuff :3 I also have this on AO3 :3
Baby Mishap  by Myacademiahero
Baby Mishap by Myacademiahero
Hello!! I decided to use this as my next story but It MAY have slow updates. Just a fun little book until I get 'Bella' together, and then that story will have scheduled...
Little space bakugou by AvaHope967
Little space bakugouby AvaHope967
Age aggression soooo yeah also I suck at writing things
adored • little bakugo by Blackout9294
adored • little bakugoby 🌻💙🌻💙
oneshots//short stories age play bakugo|non-sexualized ageplay/little space warnings:: Cussing, possible forced ageplay, etc. I'll put it at the top if any serious warni...
bakubaby oneshots by idfktrash
bakubaby oneshotsby idfktrash
just some oneshots of class 1a treating baku like a baby, or baku acting like one
i love you to (dekubaku) by izzy_jouki
i love you to (dekubaku)by izzy_jouki
bom isso e uma história tirada da minha mente obs:n sei fazer lemon. A descrição,nome e a capa poderão ser mudados com o tempo
Teddy Boy~ * Dekubaku * by Crystal_Lyra_Diamond
Teddy Boy~ * Dekubaku *by 0110
♡In this universe bakugou is Blind ♡And deku is like his usual self ♡Want to know what happened?
The weird cousin by Creativestationani1
The weird cousinby Creative Station animation
Bakugou's parents are going on a business trip with his aunt and uncle so he has to spend a whole week with his cousin haruki but bakugou doesn't like him cause he's...
Little Bakubaby  ✨🥰 by Cazzy-cazz
Little Bakubaby ✨🥰by cazz
this is little space/age regression bakugou. if you don't like it than please politely click the frick off. thank you! 😁 😘 anyways im pretty sure im gonna make it todo...
Story ideas/ oneshots by wedontcondonemineta2
Story ideas/ oneshotsby Creativeusername
These are story ideas that I have just sitting in my notes app
bakusquad just being idiots   by idk_anymore453
bakusquad just being idiots by idk_anymore453
just as the title says NO LEMON fluff angst bakusquad idiotic behaviour
mine by PriesjePollard
mineby Priesje Pollard
this story contains 1love 2romcane 3abuse 4viloicne 5selfharm 6gayness if you are not comforteble with this stuff than you can read on your own terms or read it the choi...
When He Smiles {BakugoXoc}-[Fanfiction] by UnchainedWolves
When He Smiles {BakugoXoc}-[ Celestial Wolf
Two unlikely fires... one intertwined path.... and a journey through the trials of fate itself... These two strangers discover that destiny has always had the final say...
Bakusquad Oneshots by Newsflashdilligaf
Bakusquad Oneshotsby Newsflashdilligaf
OOC Bakugou!! VERY!! A bunch of oneshots of your favorite squad, sometimes others, dadzawa, and sprinkled in some todobaku here and now and a bunch of poly squad!! ⚠️⚠️⚠...
You're an omega. ACT LIKE ONE! by Creativestationani1
You're an omega. ACT LIKE ONE!by Creative Station animation
Once bakugou katsuki hit puberty it was finally time for him to present, let's just say he was shocked everyone was shocked. How can this hot headed, fighting machine, h...
I think, I like getting to know you. by Newsflashdilligaf
I think, I like getting to know Newsflashdilligaf
A class program that requires for everyone to get an anonymous classmate.. partners they will become in this program. Pairs of two. It's supposed to be anonymous.. you...
Oneshots of Bakubaby by Cinabuns789
Oneshots of Bakubabyby Baku_is_a_bottom
Simply oneshots and possibly twoshots of Bakubaby. Requests are open but only for bottom bakugo and no bakugo x all might crap. Also there won't be a lot if not any smu...
I'll help by Little_Lemon27
I'll helpby ✨Sparky✨
"Please momo, please I cant have his kid, please even though it still will have his DNA it will have yours as well, I-I just can't please help me" bakugou was...