Babysitter Izu 💚 pt.2 : the time out

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Setting- The Bakugou Household

Izuku's POV.
As I walk into the room I hear a familiar voice shout


Before I could even get out a 'hello' a blur of blonde came crashing full force into me. I fell back with an audible "oof", after I regained my composure I greeted the blonde in my arms. "Hi Kacchan, I haven't seen you in sooo long, I get to be your babysitter, isn't that fun, I think its fun..."

Bakugou's POV.
"Izuuuuuuuu" I whine efficiently cutting off his mumbling, as much as I love him, his mumbling can be pretty annoying. I just want to play with him and I want to play now!!!

"O-Oh was I mumbling sorry Kacchan" Izu stammered while rubbing the back of his neck. "So since I'm here until tomorrow what do you want to start with first?"

"Ummmmmm" I didn't actually think about what I wanted to play first.

~In the name of SpongeBob- 5 hours later~

"Zuzuuuuuuu I'm hungry" I whine, we've been playing for hours and now I'm starving.

"Ok what do you want to eat Kacchan" Izu asks as he makes his way to the kitchen, probably searching for food.

I watch him rummage around the kitchen when an idea pops into my head. 💡 🧠

Nobody's POV.
"Hey Izu, how about we eat ice cream for dinner? Mommy and Daddy let me do it all the time" Kat states as he walks up to Izuku. Mitsuki and Masaru left hours ago but before they did they made sure to leave a list of things that Katsuki is NOT aloud to do.

Izuku read the list after they left so he knows that Kat is trying to trick him, but he decided to play along just for a little bit. "Are you sure Kat?" He asked, amusement lacing his tone.

"Yeah, they say its fine" the blonde answers. Even though Izuku might seem like a push over, he can be strict when he needs to be. There is a reason that Mitsuki asks him to babysit instead of Kat's uncles Shouta and Hizashi. 👀

"I don't think so bubba, they don't seem like the type to do that" Izuku says wanting to see what the boy's response is.

"Uh HUH, yes they do, they even let me put chocolate and sprinkles on top" Katsuki frantically adds, clearly not knowing when to give up.

Izuku gives him a stern look and sighs, "so if I call them right now and ask they would say yes?"

The ash blonde hesitates before answering with a quick "yes", a second and another stern look later Kat answers with a quiet "no"

"Ok Thank you for telling the truth, but for lying to me you are going to sit in your time out area until dinner is ready" Izuku usually hates to give punishment but he has to let Katsuki know somehow that its not okay to lie to him, or anyone for that matter.

"Noooooooo zuzu, I won't do it again I promise", the smaller boy pleads with tears in his eyes.

" I know you won't do it again, but for now you are still going into time out" Izuku says as he picks up the blonde and walks over to the little space over in the corner.

By the time they get to the corner Katsuki is sobbing, with his head tucked into the crook of Izuku's neck. When Izuku sits him down he starts to cry even harder.

~Time skip brought to you by my SHADOW CLONE JUTSU~

Izuku's POV.
After I was done with dinner I set the table and made plates for me and Kat. I walked over to the corner where Katsuki was and tapped his shoulder.

"All done?" he asked when he looked up.

"Yup, all done but its time to eat now bubba" I answered but as I turn to walk back to the table I'm surprised to hear a whine come from where Kat was.

I turn around and ask, "what's wrong bud?" I see him lift his arms and make grabby hands. I let out a chuckle at his antic and walk back over to pick him up.

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