No STUFFIES?! (week 2)

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Nobody's POV.

It is now the 2nd week without stuffies. Hell Continues.

Week 2 Day 1 without stuffies

Masaru thinks it is quiet...too quiet, the eerie type of quiet. Kat has not come to ask for his stuffies once today, which is kinda suspicious if you ask Masarou.

Nobody knows their son better than their parents so if the Bakugou couple are a little on edge waiting for Kat's second attack. Well who could blame them.

Mitsuki and Masaru go to sleep with one eye open that night.

Week 2 Day 3 without stuffies

Bakugou's plan was finally complete and ready to set in motion.

Operation: Save the Stuffies was GO!!!!


Trick mommy and daddy into letting me sleep in their room

Hide a flashlight in there to use

Search for stuffies


Bakugou took one more look at his plan and nodded to himself.

He decided that the plan was going to take place two days from now.

Week 2 Day 5 without stuffies

As night fell upon the Bakugou household Katsuki set his plan into motion.

1.Trick mommy and daddy into letting me sleep in their room

    Bakugou conjured up fake tears and walked up to his mom, "M-mommy *sniff* can I sweep with you and Dada tonwight *sniff*" he said, making sure to use his baby voice to add extra effect. "Sure bug but why?" 'shoot' Bakugou thought as he hadn't actually come up with an excuse as to why he wants to sleep in their room, "u-um jus' 'wan you" Mitsuki softly chuckles and nods her head. STEP 1 COMPLETE

Now that the hard step is done goes through the following steps with ease when he hits a roadblock on step 4, as he is sneaking out the room with his favorite stuffies in his hand he hears a few shuffles and a groan. Looking back Kat can see his dad sitting up on the bed.

"Bug?" "ye-yes" Katsuki held his breath ready to be scolded, "where are you going?" Kat freezes trying to think of an answer "It's too hot in here a-and it's cooler in my room." Masaru quirks a brow but decides to let it go "ok bud sleep well" "oh I will" Kat mumbles "what was that" "NOTHING" Kat answers quickly and leaves the room.

SUCCESS!!! Or was it?

Last Day "without" stuffies

Masaru knew what Kat was up to last night, he meant what he said about sleeping with one eye open but he let it slide because he felt bad for punishing Kat for so long.

Mitsuki was just glad to be able to sleep peacefully in her house again.


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