Tantrum pt.1

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Setting- This takes place 1 week after the first chapter and a few days after the second, Masaru(dad) is taking Katsuki to get his reward for filling up the stickers.

Bakugou's POV.
I'm so excited 'cause Dada is taking me to get my reward for being a big boy and using the potty this week. I am also excited because before we went out Mommy said that she wants me to try big boy underwear today while I and Daddy are out. "So, what do you want for your reward Bud" "Ummm... how 'bout milkshakes and go walking in the mall" "ok, but if we get milkshakes I want you to tell me if you need to go potty ok?" Daddy says but I was so excited that I just answered with an "Uh-huh". Daddy turned back around and pulled out of the driveway.

~Okay so I just had a conversation with my boredom committee and they ordered a timeskip~

Masaru's POV.
Once me and Kat are done with our milkshakes we head to the mall to window shop. After walking around for a bit Kat asked if he could go into the new toy store that had just opened, and I was hesitant at first because I know how he gets when he really wants something but I decided to let him go look for a while. "Hey bud we are not buying any toys today alright just looking" I warned "ok Daddy" he answered promptly before walking into the store.

It was all going well until Kat caught a glimpse of a rainbow alpaca with a unicorn horn. "Hey Daddy can I get this pleaseeee" he looked at me with the biggest puppy eyes he could muster up, but even though those eyes have a strong force Mitsuki's anger is stronger and I know she does not want another toy or stuffie to be brought into the house. "What did I say when we first entered the store?" I say in a stern voice trying to get my point across "no toy's" "so what do you think I'm going to say to your question?" "n-n no" as he answers I can see tears form in his eyes.

Nobody's POV.
Masaru prepared himself for the incoming tantrum. It's already a fact that when Bakugou Katsuki wants something he gets it no matter the outcomes. It's also a fact that Masaru has a very calm and passive aggressive personality compared to his wife's.

So to say that Masaru could handle one of Katsuki's famous tantrums, you'd have to be from another planet.

With surprising speed Masaru put down the stuffie, picked the blonde up, and rushed out of the mall. Once they made it into the parking lot and Bakugou could comprehend what had just happened he started to wail. Masaru hurried and put him into the car and drove home.

Once at home Masaru tried and failed to calm Katsuki down. After what seemed to feel like hours Masaru heard the door open and in walked Mitsuki with a confused/worried face.

Mitsuki's POV.
I had just gotten home from an exhausting day at work when I heard loud sobs emitting from the inside of my house. As I approached the door I heard words like "calm down" or "do you need a timeout" she furrowed her brow in confusion, but it all clicked for the most part as she walked in on the scene.
Soooo part 2? Absolutely this just feels long 😂
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