Happy Holidays!!❤️🤍

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Setting- Christmas morning at the bakugou household

Nobody's POV.
"Wakey wakey, don't you wanna go see what Santa got you bubba?" Mitsuki urges trying to wake up her son.

"Nuuuuu wanna sleep" Kat whines. Unlike most kids during Christmas Katsuki likes to sleep in even when he could be opening presents.

"Okayyyyy i guess ill just open allllll the presents and probably get new toys and stuffies and blankets an-"

Mitsuki is abruptly cut off by katsuki when he shouts no and promptly runs out the door. 'That brat' she thought to herself.

Katsuki's POV.
"Can I pleaseeeee open them now please please please please-"

"Just wait one more second Kat" daddy says, which makes me pout cause I wannna see what I got :(

"Fine but now you have to give me cuddles" I say as I make grabby hands at daddy, because if I can't open my gifts than at least Ill get cuddles 'hmph'.

Time skip (cus I'm lazy)

Nobody's POV.
Kaysuki was in the middle of opening his gifts when they heard a knock at the door.

"Who's that" -Kat

"I don't know why don't you go open it?" - Masaru

Katsuki jumped up and made his way to the door when he opened it he was greeted with a very loud 'Merry Christmas'.

"Uncle Zashi, Uncle Shosho!!!" Katsuki screeched as he jumped into the tall blonde's arms, knocking them over a bit.

"Hey fireball, how goes it?" - Zashi

"Good, I'm so excited that you guys came"

"Well we couldn't make it last year so we had to come this year right"

"Uh huh, uh huh"

And with that he greeted his other uncle, then ran off to play with Hitoshi and Eri

Time skip (cus I'm lazy :) )

Nobody's POV.
The family was getting ready to eat breakfast when there was another knock at the door.

This time Shouta volunteered to answer it. He opened the door to his green haired nephew.

"Hey Zu, didn't know you guys would be over here"

"Merry Christmas to you too Uncle Sho" Izuku chuckles at his uncle's bluntness.

"Hey Mitsuki, Masaru" Inko greets

"Ok now since the party's all here let's get this show on the road" Hisashi shouts.

A few greetings later Izuku also ran off to play with his other cousins.

Time skip again~

The end of the day, the family gathered in the living room watching a Christmas movie marathon, drinking hot chocolate.

The end~
Happy Holiday's my loves 🥰
I appreciate all of you guys for reading my book and the feedback that I have received.
This is just a short and sweet Christmas filler because I didn't do one for the other holidays.❤️

I hope you enjoyed this chapter ❤️
And as always I'm always open to any suggestions 💕

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