Koala Katsuki!!!!

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Setting- early morning Kat is just waking up.

Mitsuki's POV.
'What time is it?' I'm currently looking around for my alarm, which has been going off for the longest. Once I turn the blaring alarm off, I hear the telltale signs that Kat is up and that is the fact that he is literally wailing.

"Ugh" I sigh, I mean I love my kid I really do but he needs to learn that his parents aren't creeps that are going to stand at the foot of his bed and wait for him to wake up like in some 'Stephen King' movie.

I lug myself out of bed already missing the comfort, and walk up stairs. Once I'm at the top of the stairs I hear a heartbreaking "Mo-MOMMY", 'oh he must have had a nightmare' I think to myself.

Bakugou's POV.
"Mo-MOMMY" I yell because well I. Want. Her. NOW!!! 'Ughhh why can't she be here when I wake up always', I had a nightmare last night so sue me if I want my Mom.

While I continued crying I heard the click of the door opening and a soft "hi baby", I whipped my head towards the door only to see the person I wanted. I lift my arms up and do grabby hands in her direction "Mo-*sniff*-Mommy", "hi hun" she says as she makes her way to my bed. Once she sits down I crawl into her lap facing her and go into koala mode. She chuckles "is someone feeling clingy today?" she ask with the slightest hint of amusement in her voice, I just nod, "okay baby, would you like some breakfast" I think for a moment before nodding again, "ok bubs" and with that she picks me up and we head down stairs. On days like this we call them koala days because I literally don't let go and if they let me go first well I start to cry. I also act SUPERRRRR babyish. "ok what would you like bug" mommy asks, I whine because why can't she already know, I answer with "mmm baba" I feel her sigh "ok bub".

Time skip to after breakfast

Mitsuki's POV.
I sit down with Kat in my lap we stay like this for about 15 minutes, before I feel him start to squirm. I know he has to use the bathroom, and he's been doing really good at potty training to where he only has to wear pull-ups at night. He still doesn't use the regular toilet but that's okay. "hey bud do you need the potty" I know he does but I ask anyway, he shakes his head.

"okay can you just try for me" I can tell he thinks for a moment before shaking his head, which isn't really surprising in the slightest.

Welp there's only one option left. I pick Kat up and head into his room. I set him down on his bed then grab a diaper from his closet. "noooooo" he whines with tears springing into his eyes, "I know hun but you won't go to the potty this way you can just use it when you need to" I explain to him as he cries silently.

As we head back downstairs with him in my arms, he starts to squirm and whine more. "hey baby do you want to go sit on your potty" he shakes his head and tightens his grip on me. When we sit back down on the couch I grab a blanket and turn on some cartoons, waiting for him to use the bathroom. Not five minutes later I feel something warm in my lap, and hear a relieved sigh come from him.

"ohh did someone have an accident" I say in a knowing voice. As I say this his cheeks become a deep scarlett.

Time skip to the end of the day

Nobody POV.
It's now bedtime in the Bakugou household (8:00 🙃) and yes the only way to end a koala day is with bedtime snuggles.

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