No STUFFIES?! (week 1)

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PSA-This might be short and just have a part 2 😁 oh and timeskips cus i want too

Nobody's POV.
It's been 1 full week of chaos in the Bakugou household.

Day 1 without stuffies
Bakugou thought that he could do it. He could sleep without the warm and soft objects in his bed. He was wrong.

When he went to bed that night he just couldn't get comfortable. It was at 2:30 in the morning when he finally drifted off to sleep.

Not many people know this but Bakugou sleeps like the dead so when a stream of warm fluid ran down his leg and onto his sheets he didn't even notice. He just so happened to be wearing underwear and not a pull-up.

After waking up, a trip to his parents room, and a few tears he was sent back to bed (with new sheets of course) with a pull-up on. The next morning Bakugou came to the conclusion that he wet the bed because he didn't have his stuffies with him.

Day 3 (timeskip obvi) without stuffies
Masaru is starting to regret the punishment he gave Katsuki, but he can't back down now he is in too deep.

It was only day three and Katsuki had shed enough tears to fill a gallon water bottle. He had also wet the bed every night, and when they ask him why he just shrugs and says "I need my stuffies" then walks away like they aren't in the process of potty training him to stop the accidents.

So it's safe to say that Masaru will be allowing Mitsuki to inflict punishment from now on.

Day 5 without stuffies
The infamous Bakugou Katsuki came up with a play to get his stuffies back earlier than the set date.

His plan consisted of acting more baby~ish than usual. So he started to use his diapers again and become MORE dependent.

When that started to work they figured out his plan and quickly shut that down by Mitsuki offering to breastfeed him as a joke, let's just say he rather give up his stuffies then ever let that happen.

Day 7 without stuffies
The first week is over in hell- I mean Bakugou house. Mitsuki is trying to negotiate the punishment so they don't get set back in potty training with all the accidents, Masaru is trying his best to stand his ground, and Bakugou is coming up with a plan to get his stuffies back.

Okay so pt.2 or no hmmmm?
Hope you enjoyed this chapter Darlings~❤️
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