The Babysitter/ Enter the Midoriyas 💚 pt.1

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Setting- The MIDORIYA household

Nobody's POV.
"Izuku honey come here for a sec" Inko called as she hung up the phone.

"Coming mom" he yelled back from his room where he was watching some kind of documentary about dolphins. As he made his way to the kitchen he could see his mom baking cookies. "What did you need?" he asked once he reached his mom.

"Your aunt Mitsuki called and asked if you could babysit Kat this weekend". As soon as those words came out of her mouth Izuku gave her his signature blinding smile.

"Really?!! Sure wait, what time? Her house or ours? I need to prepare things to do so we can have fun wait, why didn't she ask you?..." he rambled on and on until his mom cut him off.

"Izuku honey breathe she said for you to come over Saturday around 5 pm and stay the night because they might be back around 4 in the morning" Inko explained to her overexcited son.

"Ok that's cool, well I should get ready and start planning things that we can do this weekend" and with that Izuku ran back into his room to prepare for his weekend with Kacchan.

~Time skip brought to you by Kakashi sensei~

Izuku's POV.
'Ahhhh I'm so excited I get to hang out with Kacchan this weekend we're going to watch cartoons, eat a bunch of snacks and build pillow forts and and and...' my thoughts were cut off by the sound of my mom letting me know its time to go.

When we arrived at the house I immediately jumped out of the car and ran to the front door.

Mitsuki's POV.
I was in the kitchen preparing things for the day when I heard a knock at the door. "Masaru, can you get that?" I yelled, knowing it was probably Izu at the door.

"On it honey" he answered already on his way to the door. When he opened the door I heard a very familiar voice flow through the kitchen.

"Hi, Izu, how have you been" I asked when he walked in.

"Hey auntie, i've been good" I see him glance toward the family room "where's Kacchan?" he asks when he notices that Kat's not there.

Nobody's POV.
"He's in his room he doesn't know you're here, we wanted to surprise him" Mitsuki says with an amused tone as she watches Izuku practically bounce in excitement.

"Oh ok can I go up and say hi now" Izuku asks. With a nod of approval from Mitsuki he runs upstairs.

Now standing in front of Katsuki's door, Izuku slowly knocks on the door. When he hears a soft "come in" he enters the room.

Bakugous POV.
I was watching TV on my bed when I heard a quiet knock at my door. The door opens and I expect to see Mommy coming in but it wasn't her it was...


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