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Me no Big Boy! by Kayjay45
Me no Big Boy!by Kayjay45
This is a story/one-shot about Bakugou liking to be babied by his parents and anyone who knows about it.
Show Me The Ordinary (BNHA Royal AU) by phantom_lares
Show Me The Ordinary (BNHA Royal Phantom!
When a new guard is assigned to protect the Prince, and heir to the throne, they go on many adventures. Kirishima is well known to be one of the greatest bodyguards in t...
I Ain't Scared of Living (KIRIBAKU) by phantom_lares
I Ain't Scared of Living (KIRIBAKU)by Phantom!
Kirishima always wanted to help people at a young age. He couldn't get a job before, so he resulted to using YouTube. He began his video generalized. He talked about how...
Katsuki's Christmas Carol  by YukinaFrost
Katsuki's Christmas Carol by Ai
1# in Christmas Carol Bakugou Katsuki, is being haunted by his childhood friend in a phantom form, saying that he came from the future to help him have a better future...
Nutricula   by MidoriDeku
"Why don't you take a swan dive off the roof? Maybe you'll get a Quirk then!" So he did. And he did. ☣Disclaimer☣ I ripped this straight from Chrysanthos on Ar...
Professor Midoriya - BakuDeku by CrazyPersonHere123
Professor Midoriya - BakuDekuby CrazyPersonHere123
The professor is the cutest and sexiest thing Katsuki has ever seen, with his adorable expressions, fat ass, and awful nerdy-grandpa clothes. Bakugou was instantly capti...