Toys or potty?!

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Setting- This takes place at the Bakugou residence three days after the first chapter. <3

Nobody POV.
The potty training process has been going pretty smoothly so far Bakugou has only used his pull-up two times in the past three days and has had no accidents. The only problem is Mitsuki has to convince him that the toilet isn't going to 'eat' him.

Mitsuki's POV.
I am currently looking online for a young adult-sized potty chair for Kat. When I suggested the potty training idea a few days ago, I didn't even take into consideration that he might be scared of the toilet. After searching online for a while I came across an orange and black potty chair that I think that he would like.

When I go back downstairs from my office, I see Kat squirming a little while playing with his toys. I decide to wait a bit to see if he tells me he has to go to the bathroom. "Hey Bubba, whatcha doin?" I ask he looks up at me with a troubled face, "m'playin with my toys" I watch him squirm as he answers me so I decide to ask, " Is there something that you want to tell Mommy?". He hesitated for a second trying to think of his answer, "N-no?" After he answers I walk away watching to see what he does next.

Bakugou's POV.
When Mommy walks away I start to squirm a little more. I have to go to the potty but I don't want to stop playing with my toys and I also have to do number 2 so I'm scared because I would have to sit on the potty longer. I try to hold it longer but that fails when I start to pee in my pull-up, I start to think that it's not that bad but when I feel pressure in my tummy I push thinking I just have to fart.

Once I push I feel a squishy substance in my pull-up, I immediately stand up and walk to Mommy trying to stop the rest of it from coming out by holding my butt. "M-m mommy~ I need to go potty" she looks at the state I'm in and immediately picks me up and rushes to the bathroom.

Mitsuki POV.
After I set Kat on the toilet I notice the contents in his pull-up and make a mental note that I might need to buy diapers just in case. "What happened hunny? Why didn't you come tell me that you needed to use the potty" I ask, "be-because I didn't want to stop playin with my toys" he mumbled, I sigh quietly and respond "baby you need to come to me so this doesn't happen again" "you know what this means don't you?" I ask in a soft tone. He nods "I don't get a sticker" I nod to his response.

Nobody's POV.
After this incident Mitsuki made sure to buy some diapers just in case. The potty chair arrived the day after and to say Bakugou was excited is an understatement.

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Also just a heads up Bakugou is CANON age (the age he is in the show)

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