He takes your virginity/your first time

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Harry: You had met Harry at a bar the other day and immediately hit it off. He had you meet him at his flat and you started to make out roughly on his couch. He quickly ripped off your clothes and licked from your collarbone down to your waist, he kissed across it gently then dipped his head down so you felt his curls against your thighs. You giggled and he quickly thumbed you clit while shoving his wet tounge in and out of your hole. You screamed his name and quickly came. He licked his lips and came up to you and shoved himself in, you whimpered at his size and he started moving slow. “Faster Harry.” you moaned. Harry quickened his pace to max speed and you screamed for him. That sent him over the edge and you both rode out your orgasms. He collapsed next to you. “I really like you, Y/N.”

Liam: Liam had just gotten back from his world your and you knew you wanted to lose your virginity to him. Tonight. When Liam got home you were laying on your bed in sweats. Liam smiled and crawled on you, kissing you slowly. You yanked his sweatpants down and he looked at you surprised. “I’m ready Liam.” you whispered. Liam nodded and slowly took off the rest of your clothes. He started pushing into you and you screamed his name. Once he was in he started pumping slowly. “oh shit.” you cried as Liam pumped faster, helping you meet your orgasm with his. “I love you, Y/N.” Liam smiled at you.

Louis: You has been dating Louis for 3 months and had invited him over. While watching the notebook you leaned up and whispered, “make love to me.” in his ear. He raised his eyebrow surprised and you winked getting up and going to your room with Louis quickly following. You crashed onto the bed kissing roughly. Louis ripped all your clothes off and jammed into you quickly, not thinking. You screamed in agony as tears ran down your face. “oh shit, Y/N, I’m so sorry.” Louis wiped the tears off your cheeks. “Move Louis.” you growled. He nodded and pumped slowly. You moaned, “Faster baby.” your hips met his and Louis kissed you as you rode out your orgasms.

Niall: You and Niall had been dating for 2 years, and you were just now starting to feel ready. You were laying in bed cuddling when you rolled ontop of him and straddled him. Niall raised his eyebrow as you winked and kissed him. It started out slow and passionate, but soon became needy and hungry. He ran his tounge across your bottom lip, begging for entrance. You teased him by not letting him in. He squeezed your thigh and you moaned, letting his tounge in your mouth. He pushed your hips lower so you felt his bulge growing. You moaned and started griding slowly. Niall squeezed your hips and moaned. He quickly flipped you over and started sucking on your neck. You tilted your head back and he bit the sensitive skin gently. You squealed surprised. Niall looked up at you and winked. He slid your shirt off and unhooked your bra. He stared at your chest in awe and you smirked, snapping your fingers in front of his face. He laughed and gripped your boobs, hard. You moaned loudly. He massaged them and you squirmed as he took your left nipple in his mouth. You arched your back wanting more. He lifted his head and moved onto your right nipple, gently nipping it. You moan louder as his fingers run across the waistband of your panties. He slowly slides them down and smiles, “Damn..” he whispers. Niall slides off his boxer briefs and his dick slaps up to his stomach. You gasp at his size. Niall crawls over you and kisses you softly, “Do you wanna?” he whispers. You nod and kiss his nose. Niall smiles and places himself at your entrance. He gently pushes into you as you grip the sheets and scream out in agony. Niall stops, “Baby don’t stop, please.” you fought back tears as he pushes the rest of his length in. He lets you adjust and starts to pump slowly. After a few minutes your groans of agony turned into moans of pleasure. Niall sped up some and groaned loudly. He hit your g-spot and you screamed his name. Niall picked up the pace and the room was filled with echos of moans, groans, and occasional screams. You felt your walls clench as you met your orgasm. Seeing your face contort sent Niall over the edge and he rode out his orgasm, collapsing next to you. “I love you, Y/N.” Niall sighed. “I love you too.”

Zayn: Zayn had never seen you as a sexual person, until he caught you fingering yourself and screaming his name. Zayn joined you and started kissing your neck, he pulled your fingers out and slammed into you. You moaned as he picked up his pace to max speeds. “oh Zayn.” you screamed as he thumbed you clit. You orgasmed together and he collapsed ontop of you.

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