Father-Daughter Moments

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Niall: “Daddy Daddy, watch me play!” Four year old, Kay, runs into the living room, holding her play keyboard. Niall looks up from his own guitar, smiling. He pushes it aside, seeing his daughter. “Well show me, Kay.” She falls to her knees, turning on the board and pounding away. Niall keeps smiling, despite how horrid the noise was. After a few minutes, Niall stops her. “Hey babe, how about I teach you Twinkle Twinkle, Little Star?” Kay smiles and jumps into his lap, watching his nimble fingers play the tune. She pushes them out of the way after he’s done and tries to copy. “You’re getting there Kay. Put your hands on my fingers.” By the end of the night, Kay had learned the song and was pounding that instead.

Harry: “What are you doing Dad?” Darcy asks, looking up from her cell phone. Harry pushes his curls out of his face and holds up paint rollers. “Your mother always wanted the hallway Eggshell Blue, so I decided to surprise her while she’s gone. Want to help?” Darcy rolls her eyes, returning her attention to her phone. “No way. That’s too messy.” Harry smiles mischievously, opening the lid and dipping his fingers in the paint. “Is that so? Too bad.” Harry throws paint all over his daughter, watching her eyes go from horror to revenge. “These pants were fifty dollars Dad! You’re gonna pay!” She exclaims, getting a bit of pain and throwing it on him. An all-out paint war begins and to your dismay, the floor was covered in more paint than the walls were.

Zayn: “Daddy? Can I get a tattoo?” Zayn looks at your six year old daughter, June, in shock. “W-what?” he asks in disbelief. “A tattoo! Like the ones you have!” Zayn looks down at his arms, then his daughters. “Sure.” Zayn grins and opens up a side table drawer, taking out some markers. “What would you like, honey?” “Birds! Birds and puppies! Ooh, and a big Mom one, like on the tough guys in shows.” When you get home from work, you see your daughter and Zayn asleep on the couch. Marker was all over their arms and hands. You smile and tiptoe upstairs, deciding to ask them about it tomorrow.

Louis: “Your pretty servant has arrived!” Louis shouts, pushing a little girl’s crown on his head. He was already wearing a long purple sheet as a robe and one of your party dresses. Your little girl Sarah was standing in a cardboard box, pretending it was a castle. “I’m the pretty princess of…of…Princessland!” Louis stares at you, smiling a forced smile into the camera. “I really hope Mommy doesn’t use this for blackmail!” he exclaims. You chuckle, zooming in on his face. “No promises!” you exclaim, just as cheerfully. “Now, go be the servant dear.” Louis turns back to your daughter, who was throwing confetti. “The princess wants ice cream and cake. Go peasant!” Louis growls and stops off towards the kitchen, the high heels he was wearing, clacking down the hall.

Liam: He heard your daughter’s cries from next door. Liam climbs out of bed, careful not wake you, or your newborn baby. Liam rubs sleep out of his eyes and slips his feet into his soft slippers. He walks next door and knocks softly. “Go away,” Holly whispers, before crying louder. Liam walks in anyway, heart almost breaking when he saw his daughter curled up in the fetal position. “Holly, what’s wrong love?” Holly sniffles before she starts talking. “You love the new baby more than me!” she exclaims, before breaking down again. Liam walks over to her side of the bed. “Scoot over,” he whispers. Holly moves over and cuddles to her dad’s side once he sits down. “Listen, Holly. We still love you. Your little brother isn’t going to take that away from you.” Holly nods and settles back into her pillow. “I love you Daddy,” she whispers. “I love you too, Holly.”

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