Preference: He Hits You

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Note: I can’t see ANY of the boys doing this… But I’ll give it a go.

Niall: You and Niall lately have just been at it completely, snapping at each other all week. This time it got more heated. “WHY DON’T YOU JUST LEAVE THEN!?” Niall shouted across the kitchen. “MAYBE I WILL!!” You say as you grab your keys and jacket and head to the door. You are quickly spun around by Niall. “I AM TRYING (Y/N) YOU JUST DON’T UNDERSTAND!” Niall says referring to the reason why your fighting. “I DON’T UNDERSTAND??” you say filling with anger. “YES YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND!!” Niall says and that’s when it happened. You felt the blood rushing to your face where Niall’s hand had hit. You place your hand on your cheek as you stare at Niall in disbelief. Niall’s face drops, you can see in his eyes his mood has changed. You open the door before you sit down in the grass of your front lawn and shed tears. “Princess?” You keep your head in between you knees ignoring Niall. Before you know it Niall is sitting in front of you. “Princess, please look at me and listen.” You shake your head no, but you can feel his eyes staring upon you, causing you to look up. “I am so sorry, I just have had a rough week with work and management, I so sorry, I promise to never hurt you again, I couldn’t believe what I did.” You looked at Niall and saw his eyes were red and his face stained with tears. You jump into Niall’s arms as he pulls you close and whispers. “Never again.” You pull away before his lips crash into yours.

Liam: “THEY ARE MAKING UP THINGS AGAIN LIAM AND YOU DON’T EVEN CARE!!” You shout as you slam the magazine down on the counter that accused you of cheated on Liam with Zayn. “YOU DON’T THINK I CARE, I DO BUT IF YOU CAN’T HANDLE THE PRESS THEN WHY DON’T YOU GO FIND SOMEONE ELSE TO BE WITH!!!!” Liam yells at you, and his hand hits your face. You stare at Liam before you run upstairs into your room locking the door. You sit against the wall crying while holding your face. You couldn’t believe what Liam did or said. You sit there sobbing when you hear a soft knock on the door. “GO AWAY!!” You shout through the door. “No not until I get to talk to you face to face.” You crawl up to the door and open it and sit back down in the corner. ” I know sorry won’t help but, I am so sorry I couldn’t believe what I did.” His voice is shaking, “If you want to leave me I underst-.” You cut him off with your lips. “Liam, I would never leave you, I don’t want to, I forgive you just never do that again.” “I won’t I promise”

Zayn: “STOP BEING SO SELF CENTERED!!” You yell at your boyfriend Zayn. “I AM NOT SELF CENTERED YOU’RE THE ONE WHO IS ALWAYS WANTING MY ATTENTION, BITCH!!” Zayn spat in your face while his hand hit across you face. You look at him before you run out of the house tears streaming down your face. You hear Zayn calling after you while you walk fast down the street to Liam’s house. You knock on the door and Danielle opens it and lets you in. You tell her everything and you soon fall asleep on the couch. You slowly awaken to voices talking near by. “I know what I did, it’s just that lately I have been struggling and I miss her she just doesn’t understand Liam.” You could tell it was Zayn’s voice. “Well then tell her that mate.” “I can’t, after I hit her I just can’t bring myself to look at her, because of what I have done.” You walk slowly into the kitchen and stand there. Liam looks at you and Zayn turns around. You embrace him in a hug and nuzzle your face into his neck. “Never again boo, never again.” he whispers.

Harry: “ANOTHER GIRL HARRY!!!” You yell at him while you slam down the magazine with a picture of Harry kissing another girl. “SHE WAS JUST A FAN!!!” “YEAH BUT LOOKS LIKE YOU WEREN’T PUSHING HER AWAY!!!” “BECAUSE SHE WAS CLINGING TO ME AND I DID AFTERWARDS!!” You roll you eyes and go to walk away. Harry grabs you and spins you around and slaps you across the face. You touch your cheek and look at him before you pull away and run upstairs. “WAIT (Y/N)” Harry yells as you slam the bathroom door on him. “Open the door please.” You ignore him and close your eyes and soon drift off. When you wake up you are in Harry’s arms in the corner of the bathroom still. “H-harry?” “Shh, just listen.” “I am so sorry, I regret saying everything and what I did, I was drunk and the girl kissed me and I tried to pull away but she was just…” Harry trails off. You look into his eyes and see they are red and his hair is a complete mess. You sigh, “Harry just tell me that next time and NEVER hit me again or I will leave you.” He smiles and kisses your forehead “I will never ever do that again.”

Louis: “LOUIS I AM TIRED OF PICKING UP YOUR SHIT!!” You say as you pick yourself up from the floor where you trip over his shoes. “AND I AM TIRED OF YOU BEING NAGY ALL THE FUCKING TIME!!” He shouts at you right after his hand flies and hits your face. You feel the blood rush through you as you storm out of the place and walk out. You walk down the street in the pouring rain and sit down on a bench on the sidewalk. You sob as the scene plays back in your head. Your tears roll down your face. “(Y/N)” You look up from your feet and see Louis standing in front of you. “What do you want?” “Please just, I am so so sorry, I know that doesn’t mean anything but I am so sorry and I just…” “I love you.” he says. That was the first time he had said it. You look up at him “I love you too Louis.” He looks at you before he lightly kisses you. “All is forgotten?” You nod before you two walk back to the house in the rain.

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