He talks to your baby bump

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Harry: You had decided to take a nap. Being seven months pregnant was really starting to get to you and seemed like every day, you couldn’t sleep enough. You had been lying in bed for almost an hour when you heard Harry come home. You were on the verge of unconsciousness when he climbed into bed and under the streets. He wormed his way over to you, burring his head under the sheets and kissing your stomach. “Did you have a good day?” he whispered. You knew he wasn’t talking to you but you couldn’t reply anyway. “I bought you something today. If you’re anything like your mother, you won’t like it.” You couldn’t help but laugh and so did Harry. “Alright, be a good girl and let mum sleep. Once you get here, she won’t be doing much of it.” He kissed the top of your stomach again before worming back about the covers, nestling in beside you. “I hate when you do that,” you muttered. “It makes her all excited and I can’t get comfortable.” Harry laughed. “I’m already her favorite.”

Liam: Liam had just gotten out of the shower when he fell next to you onto the couch. “How’s my babies?” he asked, laying his head in your lap. “They’re agitated,” you answered, shifting to try and get into a more comfortable position. “They want out,” Liam muttered. “And you will be tomorrow!” He buried his nose into you belly and you could feel the twins kick and shift. “We’ll know what they are tomorrow.” You were being induced the following morning and Liam was incredibly excited. “I’ll see you tomorrow,” Liam sang into your stomach. “You’ll get to meet all your uncles and aunts and cousins. Oh, they’ll spoil you rotten.” You groaned. “You promised we wouldn’t let them, Li.” He just shrugged. “What’s the use of having kids if you can’t spoil them a bit?” You laughed as he pushed his nose into your belly again, starting to sing any and every song that came to mind.

Louis: You had been out to eat when Louis suggested going and visiting Harry. It was only around nine and you knew he’d be home. Of course, once you got there you became invisible and everything was directed toward your abdomen where yours and Louis’ baby grew. You were all sitting in the living room watching TV when Louis turned, his head in your lap, to face your stomach. “I hope you’re not a girl,” he bluntly sighed. “Why?” Harry asked, flipping through channels. “Because, if you are, I’ll have to kill some idiot by the time you’re sixteen.” Harry groaned. “Oh God,” he muttered. “You’re right.” “You know, going to prison won’t help anything,” you reply. “Yeah, but some idiot, know-it-all won’t either.” Harry raised his eyebrows at Louis in agreement and all you could do was continue watching TV while the two of them planned out various scenarios.

Niall: “Niall!” you yelled, standing on your toes in order to see further into the cabinet. “Yes?” He came trudging into the kitchen with his computer in his hands. “There’s no food in this house,” you mumbled, shutting the cabinet and turning to him. “We just went shopping though.” He sat the computer down and went searching. After only a few minutes, he sighed. “You’re eating more than I am lately.” “It’s her fault,” you muttered, motioning toward your stomach. “Mommy’s already calling you fault, Lil.” “I am not!” you argued. “Yes she is Lilly! She’s calling you fat!” Niall grinned at you, light shinning in his eyes. “Come on, lets go get some food at one in the morning.” He rolled his eyes as he grabbed his keys, heading for the door. “Daddy called you fat, Li,” you whispered and Niall shot you a sarcastic glare. “Do you want food or not?” “Yes!” you yelled, running through the door. “To McDonalds!” 

Zayn: Zayn had just gotten home when you felt his hands on your stomach from behind. “How was your day?” he asked into your ear. “Wonderful.” “I wasn’t talking to you, I was talking to my other baby.” He turned you around, laughing and leaned over your stomach. He blew a mouthful of air onto it, making a gassy noise. “Zayn!” you yelled, pushing his head away. “Mommy doesn’t like it, A,” he said into your stomach. “But it doesn’t matter because you’ll be here soon and she won’t be able to stop me!” He did it again, smiling and laughing like crazy. “Zayn, you’ll give me another hicky and it was the most awkward thing ever to explain to the doctor last time!” You pushed his head away and he popped up to you before giving you one quick kiss. “Oh, he was only jealous,” he argued. You rolled your eyes and turned back to finish cooking.

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